Thursday, 5 April 2012

London Egg Hunt 2012


In 2010, we had the elephant parade around London which was pretty cool but this year's EGG HUNT was EVEN BETTER. Unfortunately, I was unable to participate in the actual hunt around London- apart from Wally which I found at St Pancras International on my way back down to London, but when all the eggs moved to Covent Garden, I went to see them all :D well... most of them.

We managed to 'find' about 190 in Covent Garden, though some were missing/stolen which was annoying but it was a good effort! :D 

My favourites were definitely the more sculptural ones or the ones which were beautifully illustrated or relevant to London. The interactive ones were also awesome- I wish there was more of them. I wonder what we will be hunting NEXT YEAR?

Check out more of my favourites below:

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