Thursday, 5 April 2012

'Last Night' Film Review

Yes, what attracted me to this movie was Keira Knightley but it did have an interesting plot!

Joanna (Keira Knightley) and Michael (Sam Worthington) fight after a night out as she accuses him of being attracted to his colleague Laura (Eva Mendes), with whom he's going to spend a day with on a business trip the following day. Deciding to make up, she writes him a note which she slips into his suit.

As the two part, Michael is tested as Laura becomes very forthcoming, but so is Joanna as her ex-boyfriend Alex (Guillaume Canet) is back in town for just one day.

Whilst the whole film happens over one night, the pace is not painfully slow. There are times where scenes seem to go on a tad too long, but this perhaps adds to the artistry- the expressions of the characters are more focussed upon- allowing for their character development to be far stronger. 

Another strength of this film is the attention to the script. It's not great, but because there is a lack of action, you focus on the things they say and what it means in terms of a relationship. It is as if you are part of the conversation and you think about what they are saying as well.

Throughout the film you wonder which one is going to cheat first. Will it be Michael or will it be Joanna? I was shocked at what actually did happen, but the ending was beautiful... the irony, the cheekiness, the whole quizzical-ness- loved it. It was almost comedic.

Keira Knightley- Joanna
Sam Worthington- Michael
Eva Mendes- Laura
Guillaume Canet- Alex

Unfortunately, Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington both look like fish out of water in this film. Whilst Keira was far more convincing, they certainly lacked chemistry which is probably suitable for this particular film given their relationship with each other. 

Keira and Guillaume was delightful to watch and you really wonder why Joanna ever chose to be with Michael?

'Last Night' is an interesting look at marriage and temptation, drawing you into a conversation which makes you think and perhaps respond. Whilst Sam Worthington should go back to his action roles and Knightley her period dramas, they both managed to present this film successfully and get the message across.

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