Tuesday, 10 April 2012

'In Time' Film Review

I was immediately intrigued after watching the trailer and have now finally seen this movie to be pleasantly surprised! I actually really like it even though it could've been soooo much better!

Set in a dystopian future, time is currency. At the age of 25, each person stops aging and  is given one year to live. Time can be earned, spent, stolen... 

Zone 12 ghetto worker Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) saves a wealthy man and gets gifted 116 years, but loses his mother as she is travelling home form work within a split second of reaching her because the timekeepers raised the prices for the bus. 

Feeling the injustice of the time system, Will travels to New Greenwich to seek revenge, whilst he is hunted by timekeeper Raymond Leon (Cillian Murphy), who is accusing Will of murder. Having met daughter of time loan boss Philippe Weis, Sylvia (Amanda Seyfried) and has his time stripped by Raymond, he kidnaps her and goes on the run.

The buildup of the plot is fascinating and super intriguing. The emotional scene of Will's mother dying in his arms was such a strong seed for character building and the idea a catalyst for a thrilling sci-fi plot. But where the film begins to go wrong is just after that when Will heads of New Greenwich. Here, the film loses all its emotional grittiness, characters stopped developing (what happened to Will's dad etc) and from this point on, it follows all the typical rhythms of a blockbuster action/chase thriller without much steam.

Following a seen-it-before formula, the film lost its originality and became predictable. It doesn't matter why they're running or what they need/want... the result is going to be the same and is just like any other typical film. 

Whilst an array of tense/action scenes are thrown in, many lacked tension and the predictability of it made them lose strength. The car chases were dull and Sylvia running in heels was completely believable... not. 

Despite certain pitfalls of the film, an emotional penultimate scene which bookmarks the beginning does redeem the movie, if ultimately it ends in the cheesiest way possible. *cringe* 

Justin Timberlake- Will Salas
Amanda Seyfried- Sylvia Weis
Cillian Murphy- Raymond Leon
Olivia Wilde- Will's Mother
Vincent Kartheiser- Philippe Weis
Also stars Alex Pettyfer, Johnny Galeki and Yaya DaCosta.

The film boasts an array of young stars, with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried leading the pack. Seyfried looked phenomenal with her auburn wig, though her squeaky voice did not help in her portrayal of a sophisticated Sylvia Weis. Justin Timberlake was surprisingly more genuine in this movie- I thought he did well emotionally compared to some of his other roles! 

Cillian Murphy doesn't shine but should be acknowledged and it was nice to see ANTM's Yaya DaCosta in a small role.

'In Time' was set up to be a phenomenal sci-fi action thriller. Perhaps in the hands of Christopher Nolan or someone better and armed with a stronger script, the film would've achieved its full potential. Nonetheless, time flew whilst watching the movie and it was certainly enjoyable (minus the cheesy script and cheesy ending) even if it had potential to be much greater and more thought-provoking.

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