Monday, 16 April 2012

'Hachi: A Dog's Tale' Film Review

'Hachi' is adapted from the true Japanese tale of 'Hachiko', the dog who loved its owner so much he waited everyday at the station for his return from work.

Changing the set from Japan to the US, Parker (Richard Gere) finds a puppy at the station lost in transit and decides to take him home, against his wife Cate's (Joan Allen) wishes. Clearly a dog lover, Parker bonds with Hachi so well that Cate decides to let him keep the puppy.

Shot at times from the dog's perspective, we can see his thoughts, feelings and even times of jealousy- his attachment to Parker is undeniable. Once bigger, Hachi sends Parker to the train station in the morning and returns in the evening to pick him up every single day. 

The film is beautifully emotional and the subtle details it throws in adds a lot of depth to Hachi's personality. It is clear of his dedication, loyalty and love to Parker. I was extremely impressed with the acting of the dogs- it has been very well trained for it to do many of the things that it does in the movie!

The climax and ending of the movie is -WARNING- very sad, but it definitely is an example and inspiration to the people it has affected and therefore very heartwarming. I also liked how they had a few photos at the end of the real Hachiko and some of the real life aftermaths of his impact.

Richard Gere- Parker
Joan Allen- Cate

Despite only really having two star cast members, many of the side characters have their own personality which is shown through a very short amount of screen time to make them quite likeable as well. This is one of those rare movies that does not rely on cast to draw audience and is still a fantastic movie!

'Hachi: A Dog's Tale' is a fantastic family movie that will get the tears flowing and everyone going 'awww' at the immensely cute dogs you see on screen. The music is also to be credited for adding such emotion to the film, especially towards the end. 

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