Friday, 13 April 2012

'A Dangerous Method' Film Review

A lot of hype surrounded this film regarding Keira Knightley and her role as mental patient Sabina Spielrein within this story of Jung (Michael Fassbender) and Freud (Viggo Mortensen): her supposed Russian accent, her sex scenes and of course, her jaw.

But first, when we are first introduced to Sabina, she is mentally unstable, crooked, out of control. This is not the Keira Knightley we know. It was so convincing it was uncomfortable to watch. With the aid of Jung, using Freud's experimental 'talking cure', he transforms Sabina into a highly functional and intellectual woman with an aspiration into medicine. 

Freud sends highly sexual patient Otto Gross (Vincent Cassel) to Jung, who is influenced by his thinking and becomes highly tempted by Sabina. When he succumbs to temptation, his career, his relationship with his wife and his intellectual conflict with Freud perpetuates.

Whilst the beginning of the film was rather engrossing, the film soon began to fizzle out into a more intellectual drama, which isn't my type of film as I soon got quite bored. 

However, I cannot deny a beauty in the film-making- the set, the dress, everything about it has been beautifully done which is credit to David Cronenberg. There is also a subtle but impressive script which at times is really poignant and makes an impact on the viewer. 

Critically acclaimed, the film missed out on many awards, probably due to the lack of plot and a very anticlimatic ending. Had the movie streamlined into a more tragic explosive ending, it could very well propel the cast and the film to greater accolades. 

Keira Knightley- Sabina Spielrein
Michael Fassbender- Carl Jung
Viggo Mortensen- Sigmund Freud
Vincent Cassel- Otto Gross

This is definitely one of Keira's hardest roles ever and she does fantastically well. She would've been fab in 'Girl, Interrupted' and probably joined Angelina Jolie with that Oscar win. However, her accent was definitely annoying and off-putting. And with regards to her jaw, well... that's her trademark and she made it work. 

Viggo Mortensen for some reason got the most attention for his role in this film which was odd, but he was certainly most congruent.

Whilst there are many beautiful things to be found in this movie, it is highly intellectual and with the lack of a plot, this feels like we just dipped in and out of three peoples' lives and that was it. The seemingly pointless events don't lead to anything and had the ending been more tragic or shocking opposed to anti-climatic, there would definitely be more replay value. 

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