Thursday, 12 April 2012

'The Apprentice' UK Season 8 Episode Episode 4 Recap

OK So my friend got me into The Apprentice and with a show like this, there are so many opinions I don't know where to direct them so I'll write about them here, hopefully for those who watch the show, you will agree with me on some points, and if not, let me know what you think!

At episode 4, Alan Sugar asks the two teams to buy second hand goods and sell them on Brick Lane. Tom heads up Phoenix whilst Laura is project manager for Sterling.

On the Phoenix front, the team buys very few items, whilst Sterling buys too much (and a lot of it is crap) but decides to upmarket them with new materials, led by Gabrielle. She decides to put union jack designs on the furniture and sand down furniture items for a shabby chic look, which takes a lot of the night, and by morning, they still have to set up their shop, making them late to start selling. For Phoenix, their lack of stock led to a minimalistic shop front. 

During the day, sales at Phoenix were strong, and they got rid of a lot of their items very quickly- a few of them popped out for more. For Sterling, slow sales led to them having to flyer with a 10% discount. 

By the end of the day, both teams managed to get rid of everything, regardless of the cost. 

In the boardroom, Sterling made more money than Phoenix but also spent more and thus made less profit. It was revealed that Gabrielle sold the most, whilst Jane sold only £10 worth. Laura decides to take Gabrielle and Jane into the boardroom. 

Gabrielle was critiqued for going overboard with her material shopping, which was defended by a lack of strategy on Laura's part, whilst Jane just sat there, until the fact her sales figures were low were brought up, with which she responds by saying she was out flyering and getting people into the shop. 

Personally, I agree that Gabrielle did the most so of course all the blame would go to her. You can't be blamed for something you didn't do! Someone raised a good point saying that if they had made more sales, the cost wouldn't have been an issue. Given Gabrielle made such high sales, I don't think she is going anywhere. Laura did lack strategy and had she been a better project manager, they could easily have won. With regards to Jane, who apparently has an amazing CV, I don't know what she was doing on this particular task but again, had the project managing been better, she would either be in charge of one thing and not all over the place.

So who goes?

When it came down to it, I thought Laura should've gone as she was the cause of failure to the task, but Alan Sugar sends Jane home for not showing the awesomeness which was on her CV during the show. 

Oh and I thought it was also quite funny that Jade predicted the outcome of the boardroom.

Only a brief recap today, I'll probably be blogging about it next week during  the show not after so I will pick up on all the details and so on... but for now, let me know what your thoughts were- did the right person go home?

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