Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Apprentice Season 8 Episode 6 Recap

This week's task sees the contestants design their signature dish and sell it to make the most profit, but not in London. The guys will be heading up to Edinburgh this week!

Adam is team leader for Phoenix and during the pitch he shut down the idea of Japanese by saying: "Who eats sushi?" WHAT. HELLO!? WHAT... no words. I hope you lose. No offence, but you probably wouldn't be ABLE to create good sushi anyway Adam. The whole point is to create something gourmet that people would WANT to buy off you. Burgers/deep fried mars bars- NO. 

For Sterling, leading the team is Jenna who confesses to not being able to cook (great!) but the whole team decides on a Scottish cuisine. Laura reminds them that it is about a gourmet dish against the suggestion of a pie. 

Nothing really interesting in their making process apart from Katie asking how they could've made their meatballs so cheaply... LOL here's how!

On the selling front, Phoenix goes for the football stadium but is faced with much cheaper competition against their £5.99 pasta. Katie and co decide to enrope a tour company to help them with sales but not only did they miss a bus, noone wanted any of the pasta! 

Sterling did better with their sales, with a customer even praising it for its taste. After lunch hour, they moved theirs to a busy spot though lowered their prices towards the end. Clever of them to rope in a real life bagpipe player too.

In the boardroom, Sterling made just over £20 more profit with their quality dish. After much fighting between, Adam and Steve, Adam decides to bring in Katie and Azhar. 

There wasn't too much interrogation- a lot of the problems lie with Adam's decision making but then again the information fed to him, if bad, would've led him to fail... and on that basis, Katie got fired. Oh well, she's more interesting than Azhar but she has made some really silly decisions!!  

She should definitely have stayed for being able to make that face! ^ ^

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