Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Apprentice Season 8 Episode 5 Recap

OK this is going to be a quick recap cos I'm mega tired and also you probably all watched the show anyway... so firstly, this week the teams are going to be creating and selling their own fitness regime. For team Phoenix they have decided on an 80s themed retro 'Groove Train', whilst Sterling mixes martial arts with dance.

With regards to their routine, 'Groove Train' was soooo cringe and it was hilarious watching Azhar in those tight red shorts. And lol at Adam with his Gaga claws >< I thought Dwayne was really annoying for not listening to Laura and Nick was hilarious in the car. 

When it came down to selling, it was ridiculous what 'Groove train' had to offer in terms of budgeting and storage and so on- one person from one of the companies made a good point saying they're masking a children's regime for adults... I would personally just buy a Wii-fit and be done with it- though to be fair, skipping, hoola hooping and spacehoppering DOES SOUND LIKE FUN- minus the cringe 80s music.

I thought Sterling did well in terms of the whole thing- it did seem a bit samey but they processed everything very well- it was professional and genuine, the sales was good- or at least the feedback they got was good; their live demonstrations was also a good call except for Dwayne's embarrassing attempt at that scissor kick?

In the boardroom, 2 of the 3 did not like Sterling's idea, and same for 'Groove Train', but when it came down to it, 'Groove Train' won overall, sending them all to a luxury spa. It was hilarious watching Azhar's face when their video was showing and other people smiling- LOL.

Ricky decides to bring Laura and Dwayne back into the boardroom which Alan Sugar questions as they did the most this week. Personally I had no idea what Gabrielle or Jenna did this week - but glad Gabrielle stayed :) I thought Dwayne should be to blame, he was super annoying and wouldn't listen to people and he should be fired.

But who goes?

DWAYNE BYE  BYE DWAYNE. yess sorry but you were edited to be really annoying throughout. 

Next week, the guys go up to Scotland for some culinary madness... 

OH and did anyone notice how nice Gabriele was for touching the guys' shoulders who were staying in the boardroom Aww she's so nice :D

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