Thursday, 26 April 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 Episode 8 Recap

The girls return home and there's another present package for the UK team. Laura is ecstatic that Kyle has gone home which is probably the most excited I've ever seen of any girl act when another contestant has left. Don't like her attitude and all this talk of her horrible twitter rants... I think it's time for LAURA to go! 

Anyway, first thing the girls do is go for a casting with the opportunity to win a slot to open for one of the four designers and in the audience will include Francisco Costa from CK and two women from Marchesa. One of the designers will win the chance to showcase their collection at Paris Fashion Week and the girl who opens for the winning designer will get to stay at a Dorcester Collection hotel. The judges for the designers include editor of W magazine and Vanity fair.

Eboni struggles a bit with roboticism, Catherine stumbles during one casting... nothing very interesting- Kelly makes some rude and demoralising comments, but in the end these girls are opening for those designers:

Anndra Neen- Alisha
Julian Louie- Annaliese
Siki Im- Sophie
Guilietta- Sophie

Most of the girls look good- Eboni looked moody in her shows... Annaliese looked great- Sophie looked phenomenal with that pink hair taken out and light makeup.

The winner of the Dorcester collection fashion prize is Andra Neen, which means Alisha wins the challenge!

For the photoshoot, the girls model Hello Kitty couture by Francis Libiran. Many people think this is a cheap photoshoot but I actually love it. The clothing is amazing and Lady Gaga did a shoot with Hello Kitty soft toys as a dress which was pretty cool too so not gonna complain about this week's creative.

I think Catherine's neck piece worked very well for her regal trait, but not so sure about the skirt... Jay liked what she did on set. Alisha looked AMAZING in everything she did... that they showed... and when she said "Hurricane Alisha is coming"... It's coming indeed!!

Sophie struggled with her posing- her dress was beautiful- a bit nurselike and a lantern headgear but it was WOW... Annaliese also looked great and did some very high fashion posing.

For the US team, Seymone looked amazing in her kimono-esque gown and that headpiece however heavy it was looked phenoms on her... I did feel for her pain but didn't think she needed to express it. LOL when she puts ice on her forehead.

Laura did fine- not inspired by her... Eboni looks stunning in what she was wearing- really embodying that youth (it's unecessary she can work any gown, but this will aid her in pleasing Tyra). She did terribly according to Jay, but some of her poses did look good and she DID give him shapes! 

At panel, Seymone was critiqued for just showing the outfit, Laura didn't get much critique... Eboni was suggested to tilt the head or kick out her angle a bit which I completely agree with to give the shot that quirk - this guest judge woman knows what she's talking about! 

I still feel it's a good picture- it's kind of like that shot of Marjorie from Cycle 11 where she's just standing in front of the windmill.

For the UK girls, Catherine did not get the best feedback despite Jay's comments on set. Alisha's shot is gorgeous. They could've picked any of them- it would've looked HOT. 

Sophie's face was critiqued but the judges like her body which is the same for Annaliese, though Tyra and the guest judge woman from Marchesa liked her face as well. I liked Annaliese's shot- it's soft and it's beautiful- best shot of her so far!

In the end, I think it's time for Eboni or Catherine to go home... Seymone will be saved for her face yet again. Catherine could perhaps go instead of Eboni so it's a bit more neck and neck between the UK and US... I don't know... but for sure Alisha gets first call out.

And the first girl called is...

Alisha followed by Sophie (really?) and Catherine (really?) ... WHERE IS ANNALIESE? Annaliese is called fifth. In the bottom two is Seymone and Eboni... ooh another US girl going home! I think Eboni will be going home but I want her to stay :W...  WOW and Eboni stays ! YAY

Top Three:
1. Annaliese
2. Alisha
3. Sophie/Eboni

NEXT WEEK the girls go to Asia (Hong Kong and Macau YESSSSSSSS) and will be accessorized in silk worms! Haha!


  1. Kelly C is such an idiot. Telling Eboni that not wearing her hair in bunches all day every day is to reject the judges or soemthing stupid like that. What is she on? The girl can't look like a 5 year old all her life. She needs to wear her hair differently when going to a casting and she has the right to do her hair however she wants in her own time. Ridiculous. But even though I don't like Eboni, Seymone had to leave, her complaining got on my nerves

    1. I hate the forced branding aspect - if she wore her hair in pigtails she would probably NOT be cast in any shows at all- just as Sophie's hair was NOT pink on the runway.

      If you check out Eboni's pre-show work (without pigtails) she looks fierce and very versatile just as she was.

      And definitely thought Seymone outstayed herself by quite a few weeks!


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