Thursday, 19 April 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 Episode 7 Recap

So congrats to the UK team for their first win!! That red telephone box tea-pot was funky! So Laura tells Sophie and Annaliese that she doesn't think Kyle should've stayed last week and is ready for her to go home.

The girls' first challenge is to film a commercial/PSA (public service announcement) for Tyra's campaign BIO which is to do with anti-bullying. They will be filming with young girls as well and I thought that for the first time in a VERY long time, this show actually had some sort of human emotion thrown into it- for a split second it wasn't just a modelling competition... it meant something a bit more, so props for that. 

The US was ok if they actually remembered their lines... Laura made hers good even though her girl forgot her lines, but overall definitely the UK did soo much better- it was fun, a tad cringe, but believable and more genuine. In the end the UK team wins! yay!

Alisha: "I screamed the loudest and I looked at the US girls and they're really sad and I'm like I felt a bit bad but then I got over it cos I get a personal message from home and I get to see my mum and my dad. I'm sorry they should've worked harder." LOLS.

The girls come home to get their personal messages and more virgin mobile phone advertising and LOL at Sophie's message from her boyfriend.

Sophie: "I can't believe it. After all that I get the suckiest video message ever... that was such bollocks!" haha!

For the girls' photoshoot this week, they will be taking the booty tooch to the extreme in a 'high fashion' shoot revolving them being a centrepiece to a dinner party. Estelle will feature in the shot as the host with two other girls...

I like the concept, but I didn't feel it was done to the best ability... there were too many colours, the colours themselves were too sharp... maybe if it was a bit unsaturated it would be more high fashion... With a shoot like this, it's vital to stand out from the other girls and if you're in the back to outshine the main girl... which hopefully the judges comment on at panel.

Laura struggled a bit to find what she could use- I liked that she played with the food which really should be what this shoot is about right? interacting with the props etc? Catherine also struggled and didn't tooch all the way.

Annaliese did well (lots of variation) but flashed at the end lol! hahahaha 2nd time this ep. NOT GOOD LOL. but she is too funny :) and had pie slapped in her face. Alisha however played it quite safe- stunning legs and nice tooching but apparently didn't give enough?

Sophie did really well, her shot was wild and Eboni was stunning too. I actually really liked Seymone's shot as well which is not usual for me... Now onto Kyle... she had a FAKE BOOTY put into her dress... which pisses the other girls off as they had to hold their butt out and it was painful but she had a natural tooch cos of the pad. 

At panel, Catherine was tooching but her face was not great. Alisha was called safe... lol at what Kyle is doing in the back- do you EVER do that at a dinner party? 

Tyra: "The art of the booty tooch is all about scooping out your lower back... I can't believe I'm saying that with a straight face."
NIGEL: "Neither can I! The art of the booty tooch. There's a book there... there's a movie there." DON'T GIVE TYRA IDEAS!

I loved Sophie's shot- she looks like a tigress- there's interaction, she stands out... love it. Seymone also looks stunning in Sophie's shot, though in quite a few others looked horrendous. Annaliese got good comments from Nigel and Kelly but Tyra didn't think it was high fashion and I would have to agree. She did really well on set but the result I just think is not HF. 

For the US girls, Eboni's picture got mixed results. Nigel liked it and said it could be turned upside down. Kelly disagrees and thinks it's topsy turvy...  I think she looked amazing from any angle! Tyra is still fixated on her youth: "As long as your face looks young, you can do a lot of different *in a weird accent* sturrff." I don't like that Catherine seems to be looking at her crotch haha it's a bit distracting.

Kelly thinks Kyle is not improving and Nigel sees the same face. Laura has interesting angles in her shot but is more 'ice sculpture' says Kelly. And Seymone, I do really like her shot, if only that orange glass WASN'T there, and also if she was holding something, it would've looked spectac!

I think Kyle or Catherine will be going home. No idea who will be called first, either Sophie, Eboni or Seymone I think!

So who stays and who goes? The first girl called is...

SOPHIE! Yay!! Followed by Seymone and Eboni. The bottom two are Alisha and Kyle- ok NO COMPETITION. Alisha HAS TO STAY... Kyle is GOING HOME she just HAS TO!!  AND SHE DOESSS WOOO!! bye Kyle!! Alisha is saved for looking amazing in the background.

and LOL at Laura's face at Kyle's elimination :D hahaha!

Top Three:
1. Sophie
2. Alisha
3. Eboni 

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