Thursday, 12 April 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 Episode 6 Recap

OK so for some reason this ep took ages to upload so I've only just watched it, but its a highly anticipated one as this week the girls film their own music video. Yep, the worst ep of all and they take forever to upload. Be prepared for LOTS OF CRINGE.

But first, drama with a teddy bear. Laura's friend who died a few weeks before the competition gave her a teddy which she 'stupidly' brought into the competition. Oblivious to the teddy's sentimental value, Sophie threatens to throw it in the pool. Whilst wrestling it away from Annaliese, the bear's ear comes off and is dropped into the pool. Kyle kicks it away. Laura freaks out.

Lisa D'Amato, unrightful winner of last cycle's ALL STAR edition, comes into the house to introduce to them the challenge. The girls will be recording and filming their music video. The UK team (called Fiercely British) gets mentor Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud and the US team (called The United Sirens of America) gets someone from the Pussycat dolls. 

MORE BLATANT advertising for Virgin Mobile. NO. Not here for this. Not only is the name mentioned but Laura or someone mentions it's fantastic features of having a wireless audio whatever. No. no No. NO.

The songs are allocated to the girls but each girl gets a small individual part in the song which is co-written by Lisa. 

Annaleise, Alisha and Catherine have an alright voice but Sophie's was a bit annoying. For the US, I just didn't like their voices... Laura was somewhat acceptable but was a bit awkward. OMG Azmarie- her feminine voice is sooo scary and annoying- she should've used a lower tone with more attitude. >< Aren't sirens beautiful mythical creatures that lure seafarers with their voice and then kills them? My ears are certainly hurting!

Next the girls are taught the lesson of the 'booty tooch' by Tyra, made famous by Allison's gorgeous tooch last cycle and now Tyra is forcing the tooch on all humanity. Azmarie refuses to put her tooch gear on is asked to leave the teach. 

For the other girls, let the tooching begin! Firstly, how NOT to tooch:

-The Hoochie Tooch

-The Poochie Tooch

-The Dookie Tooch

-The Smoochie Tooch

The RIGHT ways to tooch are the standard Booty Tooch, the Side Tooch, the Goochie Tooch and the Juicy Tooch. To finish off the lesson, Tyra teaches them the 'smize dance'. If you're not into some sort of coma already from all this cringing, then there's more to come! 

The next day the girls head to shoot their music video. There isn't really much to say about the filming- I'll save it till we see the hilarious results, which are so tacky this cycle... last cycle wasn't great but at least we were blessed with Allison's gorgeous 'Underwater' vid.

Fiercely British- 'We'll Mash You Up'
It was acceptably hilarious given the task- Alisha did really well I thought very convincing. The others just seemed a bit inexperienced and it felt more like a parody than anything else. Vocally, it wasn't bad, but Alisha again did the best.

United Sirens of America- 'Stop, Drop N Tooch'
All the vocals here were horrendous. The lighting was also terrible so we couldn't see the girls' faces (sabotage?) and the girls' individual bits lyrically were also a bit bad... 

At panel, the judges dislikes Azmarie's attitude and Kelly says she's over her. Kyle needs more presence, Eboni was smoochie tooching and Seymone didn't go far enough. All the UK girls did well, especially Alisha.

No doubt Alisha will get first callout with the rest of the UK girls doing very well.... In the bottom two will probably be Azmarie and Kyle and I think Kyle should go home as Azmarie has had so many good photos.

The first girl called is...

Alisha followed by Sophie and Catherine (and then Annaliese). In the bottom two are Kyle and Azmarie. And Azmarie is eliminated for not commiting and being 'too cool for school'. Never liked Azmarie and glad she's out but didn't think she deserved to be... she should've been saved and given another chance and her Bottom two can be a lesson, but obvs Tyra does not like it when contestants rise above the show so she has to do something about it.

Top Three:
1. Annaleise
2. Sophie
3. Alisha/Eboni

Not only did Alisha shine this week but she's also been consistently hilarious during confessionals every episode thus far... including this one where she did this:

and commented on the fact that Laura sounded like she was having an orgasm when she was recording.

and said that Azmarie is missing out on the Tooch lesson, and won't know how to tooch for the music video.

and says 'Kyle does her eyes like this. I don't understand it. Why you in shock? You're meant to be happy. Calm your eyes down.'


  1. Shame, I wanted Azmarie to go far but Tyra is just a tyrant. At least she truck to her guns and didn't become a booty tooch dolly

    1. Haha yeah she is! And she rubs it in by saying she thought she would be a finalist pffft


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