Monday, 30 April 2012

Tom Dice 'Heart for Sale' Album Review

The sophomore album to one of Belgian's hottest singers Tom Dice develops upon the sound heard in his debut album 'Teardrops', whilst showcasing his vocal and writing ability.

'Starting a New Life' as an opening track is an upbeat and somewhat catchy song but is tame lyrically and does not showcase Dice's best work. Although released a few months back, 'Utopia' still manages to capture our ears with a consistently strong rhythm and a familiar sound. 

The album goes up and down as it progresses with brilliantly written and melodic tunes 'Drive me to Paris', 'As If I'm on Drugs' interspersed between mediocre tracks which will definitely take a few more listens to grow on me.

The title track 'Heart for Sale' has a catchy chorus and a very interesting bridge which is lighthearted and fun... I'm sure we'll all be chanting 'Tom has got a heart for heart for heart for... for a long time' LOL! But this is good single material.

The album ends with tracks beautifully named track 'Firekisses' and 'Wonderful', the former a wonderfully addictive track with stunning lyrics reminding us why we love Tom Dice and the latter a soft closing statement to the album, a brilliant acoustic track.


1. Starting A New Life 3/5
2. Utopia 4/5


3. Out At Sea 3.5/5
4. Drive Me To Paris 5/5
5. Marry Me 3.5/5
6. Let Me In 3.5/5
7. Never Gonna Stop 4/5
8. As If I'm On Drugs 4.5/5
9. Heart For Sale 4.5/5
10. Firekisses 5/5
11. Wonderful 4/5

TRACKS TO LOVE: Drive me To Paris, As If I'm on Drugs, Heart for Sale, Firekisses

'Heart for Sale' is an upliftingly fresh album giving us more of what we love about Tom Dice's music. Whilst some tracks do need a few more listens before they grow on me, there are certain a few standout tracks (Drive me To Paris, Firekisses) which will hook you from the first play.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Blue Planet Aquarium by 3XN

Inspired by the whirlpool form, 3XN's design for an aquarium in Copenhagen will be a swirling mass rising out of the water. The organic form reflects the typology, this becoming one of Europe's largest aquariums.

The project is expected to be completed by 2013.

Check out more images below:

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Lego Superheroes: The Avengers Minifigures


These are seriously awesome. I don't usually post about toys much but I am in love with these Avengers minifigures and I need them right now. I hate that you can't buy them individually- but might just have to look on ebay >< 

But seriously, Iron Man is sooo awesome with the lift up mask and a giant hulk minifig-- and ofc Black Widow- she has a gun you know! Ahhhh ok- someone please buy me one so I'll shut up?

Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Apprentice Season 8 Episode 6 Recap

This week's task sees the contestants design their signature dish and sell it to make the most profit, but not in London. The guys will be heading up to Edinburgh this week!

Adam is team leader for Phoenix and during the pitch he shut down the idea of Japanese by saying: "Who eats sushi?" WHAT. HELLO!? WHAT... no words. I hope you lose. No offence, but you probably wouldn't be ABLE to create good sushi anyway Adam. The whole point is to create something gourmet that people would WANT to buy off you. Burgers/deep fried mars bars- NO. 

For Sterling, leading the team is Jenna who confesses to not being able to cook (great!) but the whole team decides on a Scottish cuisine. Laura reminds them that it is about a gourmet dish against the suggestion of a pie. 

Nothing really interesting in their making process apart from Katie asking how they could've made their meatballs so cheaply... LOL here's how!

On the selling front, Phoenix goes for the football stadium but is faced with much cheaper competition against their £5.99 pasta. Katie and co decide to enrope a tour company to help them with sales but not only did they miss a bus, noone wanted any of the pasta! 

Sterling did better with their sales, with a customer even praising it for its taste. After lunch hour, they moved theirs to a busy spot though lowered their prices towards the end. Clever of them to rope in a real life bagpipe player too.

In the boardroom, Sterling made just over £20 more profit with their quality dish. After much fighting between, Adam and Steve, Adam decides to bring in Katie and Azhar. 

There wasn't too much interrogation- a lot of the problems lie with Adam's decision making but then again the information fed to him, if bad, would've led him to fail... and on that basis, Katie got fired. Oh well, she's more interesting than Azhar but she has made some really silly decisions!!  

She should definitely have stayed for being able to make that face! ^ ^

Did you think the right decision was made? Leave a comment!

America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 Episode 8 Recap

The girls return home and there's another present package for the UK team. Laura is ecstatic that Kyle has gone home which is probably the most excited I've ever seen of any girl act when another contestant has left. Don't like her attitude and all this talk of her horrible twitter rants... I think it's time for LAURA to go! 

Anyway, first thing the girls do is go for a casting with the opportunity to win a slot to open for one of the four designers and in the audience will include Francisco Costa from CK and two women from Marchesa. One of the designers will win the chance to showcase their collection at Paris Fashion Week and the girl who opens for the winning designer will get to stay at a Dorcester Collection hotel. The judges for the designers include editor of W magazine and Vanity fair.

Eboni struggles a bit with roboticism, Catherine stumbles during one casting... nothing very interesting- Kelly makes some rude and demoralising comments, but in the end these girls are opening for those designers:

Anndra Neen- Alisha
Julian Louie- Annaliese
Siki Im- Sophie
Guilietta- Sophie

Most of the girls look good- Eboni looked moody in her shows... Annaliese looked great- Sophie looked phenomenal with that pink hair taken out and light makeup.

The winner of the Dorcester collection fashion prize is Andra Neen, which means Alisha wins the challenge!

For the photoshoot, the girls model Hello Kitty couture by Francis Libiran. Many people think this is a cheap photoshoot but I actually love it. The clothing is amazing and Lady Gaga did a shoot with Hello Kitty soft toys as a dress which was pretty cool too so not gonna complain about this week's creative.

I think Catherine's neck piece worked very well for her regal trait, but not so sure about the skirt... Jay liked what she did on set. Alisha looked AMAZING in everything she did... that they showed... and when she said "Hurricane Alisha is coming"... It's coming indeed!!

Sophie struggled with her posing- her dress was beautiful- a bit nurselike and a lantern headgear but it was WOW... Annaliese also looked great and did some very high fashion posing.

For the US team, Seymone looked amazing in her kimono-esque gown and that headpiece however heavy it was looked phenoms on her... I did feel for her pain but didn't think she needed to express it. LOL when she puts ice on her forehead.

Laura did fine- not inspired by her... Eboni looks stunning in what she was wearing- really embodying that youth (it's unecessary she can work any gown, but this will aid her in pleasing Tyra). She did terribly according to Jay, but some of her poses did look good and she DID give him shapes! 

At panel, Seymone was critiqued for just showing the outfit, Laura didn't get much critique... Eboni was suggested to tilt the head or kick out her angle a bit which I completely agree with to give the shot that quirk - this guest judge woman knows what she's talking about! 

I still feel it's a good picture- it's kind of like that shot of Marjorie from Cycle 11 where she's just standing in front of the windmill.

For the UK girls, Catherine did not get the best feedback despite Jay's comments on set. Alisha's shot is gorgeous. They could've picked any of them- it would've looked HOT. 

Sophie's face was critiqued but the judges like her body which is the same for Annaliese, though Tyra and the guest judge woman from Marchesa liked her face as well. I liked Annaliese's shot- it's soft and it's beautiful- best shot of her so far!

In the end, I think it's time for Eboni or Catherine to go home... Seymone will be saved for her face yet again. Catherine could perhaps go instead of Eboni so it's a bit more neck and neck between the UK and US... I don't know... but for sure Alisha gets first call out.

And the first girl called is...

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wood Cast Furniture by Hilla Shamia

"Furniture combing the cast aluminium and wood.The negative factor of burnt wood is transformed into aesthetic and emotional value. Preservation of the natural form of the tree trunk within the explicit boundaries. The general,squared form intensifies the artificial feeling, and in the same time keeps the memory of the material." Hilla Shamia

The outcomes are extremely beautiful, enhancing the natural curves of the wood with the sharp crisp lines of the concrete. There is an exquisite industrial quality to it which is lifted by the earthy natural wood core. I WANT A SET OF THESE! *hint hint*

Check out more images below:

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

'Heaven is for Real' by Todd Burpo

I have just finished reading this book called 'Heaven is for Real' which tells of the remarkable story of four year old Colter Burpo's near death experience and his encounters with Jesus in Heaven. 

Written by his father Todd, who is a pastor, the book is a personal and heartfelt recollection of the conversations he's had with his son and all his revelations split into easy to read chapters, each talking of a different theological point. 

What Colter was able to describe included what his parents were doing whilst he was in surgery under anaesthesia; he claims he was able to leave his body and in Heaven, met with Jesus, family members he had never met or heard of, vivid descriptions of Heaven and supernatural sightings that reveal the character of God. 

Monday, 23 April 2012

Scarlett Johansson at 'The Avengers' London Premiere

Scarlett Johansson attended the London premiere of 'The Avengers' wearing a beautiful floral Prada gown with Valentino braids, along with co-stars Jeremy Renner, Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr at Westfield, Stratford. 

I can't wait to see the movie which will be out on general release this coming week. 

Check out more images below:

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Owl City 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' Album Review

I've recently been listening to Owl City's 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' and am absolutely in love with it. Having previously been introduced to Owl City about a year ago with tracks 'Brielle' and 'Deer in the Headlights', it wasn't until recently that I looked into their albums... but I'm glad I finally did!

1. The Real World
2. Deer In the Headlights
3. Angels
4. Dreams Don't Turn to Dust
5. Honey and the Bee
6. Kamikaze
7. January 28, 1986
8. Galaxies
9. Hospital Flowers
10. Alligator Sky
11. The Yacht Club
12. Plant Life

Beneath the synth pop beats, the lyrics are beautifully written and wonderfully poetic. The writing style of Adam Young makes Owl City unique. With references to space and nature, we are engrossed in a provocative and effervescent fantasy world through their music.

Friday, 20 April 2012

'Demersal' by Luka Klikovac


Created using coloured fluids and a glass of water, photographer and artist Luka Klikovac has created a series of stunning images which are dynamic. The organic forms resemble life: fungi, jellyfish, microscopic organisms, space forms... but the artist has intended for them to resemble Rorschach's inkblots.

Check out more images below:

Thursday, 19 April 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 Episode 7 Recap

So congrats to the UK team for their first win!! That red telephone box tea-pot was funky! So Laura tells Sophie and Annaliese that she doesn't think Kyle should've stayed last week and is ready for her to go home.

The girls' first challenge is to film a commercial/PSA (public service announcement) for Tyra's campaign BIO which is to do with anti-bullying. They will be filming with young girls as well and I thought that for the first time in a VERY long time, this show actually had some sort of human emotion thrown into it- for a split second it wasn't just a modelling competition... it meant something a bit more, so props for that. 

The US was ok if they actually remembered their lines... Laura made hers good even though her girl forgot her lines, but overall definitely the UK did soo much better- it was fun, a tad cringe, but believable and more genuine. In the end the UK team wins! yay!

Alisha: "I screamed the loudest and I looked at the US girls and they're really sad and I'm like I felt a bit bad but then I got over it cos I get a personal message from home and I get to see my mum and my dad. I'm sorry they should've worked harder." LOLS.

The girls come home to get their personal messages and more virgin mobile phone advertising and LOL at Sophie's message from her boyfriend.

Sophie: "I can't believe it. After all that I get the suckiest video message ever... that was such bollocks!" haha!

For the girls' photoshoot this week, they will be taking the booty tooch to the extreme in a 'high fashion' shoot revolving them being a centrepiece to a dinner party. Estelle will feature in the shot as the host with two other girls...

I like the concept, but I didn't feel it was done to the best ability... there were too many colours, the colours themselves were too sharp... maybe if it was a bit unsaturated it would be more high fashion... With a shoot like this, it's vital to stand out from the other girls and if you're in the back to outshine the main girl... which hopefully the judges comment on at panel.

Laura struggled a bit to find what she could use- I liked that she played with the food which really should be what this shoot is about right? interacting with the props etc? Catherine also struggled and didn't tooch all the way.

Annaliese did well (lots of variation) but flashed at the end lol! hahahaha 2nd time this ep. NOT GOOD LOL. but she is too funny :) and had pie slapped in her face. Alisha however played it quite safe- stunning legs and nice tooching but apparently didn't give enough?

Sophie did really well, her shot was wild and Eboni was stunning too. I actually really liked Seymone's shot as well which is not usual for me... Now onto Kyle... she had a FAKE BOOTY put into her dress... which pisses the other girls off as they had to hold their butt out and it was painful but she had a natural tooch cos of the pad. 

At panel, Catherine was tooching but her face was not great. Alisha was called safe... lol at what Kyle is doing in the back- do you EVER do that at a dinner party? 

Tyra: "The art of the booty tooch is all about scooping out your lower back... I can't believe I'm saying that with a straight face."
NIGEL: "Neither can I! The art of the booty tooch. There's a book there... there's a movie there." DON'T GIVE TYRA IDEAS!

I loved Sophie's shot- she looks like a tigress- there's interaction, she stands out... love it. Seymone also looks stunning in Sophie's shot, though in quite a few others looked horrendous. Annaliese got good comments from Nigel and Kelly but Tyra didn't think it was high fashion and I would have to agree. She did really well on set but the result I just think is not HF. 

For the US girls, Eboni's picture got mixed results. Nigel liked it and said it could be turned upside down. Kelly disagrees and thinks it's topsy turvy...  I think she looked amazing from any angle! Tyra is still fixated on her youth: "As long as your face looks young, you can do a lot of different *in a weird accent* sturrff." I don't like that Catherine seems to be looking at her crotch haha it's a bit distracting.

Kelly thinks Kyle is not improving and Nigel sees the same face. Laura has interesting angles in her shot but is more 'ice sculpture' says Kelly. And Seymone, I do really like her shot, if only that orange glass WASN'T there, and also if she was holding something, it would've looked spectac!

I think Kyle or Catherine will be going home. No idea who will be called first, either Sophie, Eboni or Seymone I think!

So who stays and who goes? The first girl called is...

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Apprentice Season 8 Episode 5 Recap

OK this is going to be a quick recap cos I'm mega tired and also you probably all watched the show anyway... so firstly, this week the teams are going to be creating and selling their own fitness regime. For team Phoenix they have decided on an 80s themed retro 'Groove Train', whilst Sterling mixes martial arts with dance.

With regards to their routine, 'Groove Train' was soooo cringe and it was hilarious watching Azhar in those tight red shorts. And lol at Adam with his Gaga claws >< I thought Dwayne was really annoying for not listening to Laura and Nick was hilarious in the car. 

When it came down to selling, it was ridiculous what 'Groove train' had to offer in terms of budgeting and storage and so on- one person from one of the companies made a good point saying they're masking a children's regime for adults... I would personally just buy a Wii-fit and be done with it- though to be fair, skipping, hoola hooping and spacehoppering DOES SOUND LIKE FUN- minus the cringe 80s music.

I thought Sterling did well in terms of the whole thing- it did seem a bit samey but they processed everything very well- it was professional and genuine, the sales was good- or at least the feedback they got was good; their live demonstrations was also a good call except for Dwayne's embarrassing attempt at that scissor kick?

In the boardroom, 2 of the 3 did not like Sterling's idea, and same for 'Groove Train', but when it came down to it, 'Groove Train' won overall, sending them all to a luxury spa. It was hilarious watching Azhar's face when their video was showing and other people smiling- LOL.

Ricky decides to bring Laura and Dwayne back into the boardroom which Alan Sugar questions as they did the most this week. Personally I had no idea what Gabrielle or Jenna did this week - but glad Gabrielle stayed :) I thought Dwayne should be to blame, he was super annoying and wouldn't listen to people and he should be fired.

But who goes?

Ringer Season 1 Episode 22 (FINALE) Recap

After a dream about her wedding and seeing Bowoway there, Brigette decides to tell Andrew and Juliet the truth, but when she is approached by Jimmy Kemper and he threatens to make Macawi hunt her down, she pays him to go away.

Macawi kills Kemper and takes his money. Brigette does not manage to tell Andrew as he read her his vows at dinner. Abergast tells Andrew about Siobhan's affair with Henry and Andrew breaks up the wedding. 

Brigette tells Andrew everything but despite admitting he still loves her, asks her to leave. Brigette tells Juliet the truth but she also does not accept her. Andrew and Juliet leave for a trip together.

Siobhan receives the results of the paternity test Henry asked for and accuses him of being dishonest. She tells him the twins are his, but he already knew that they weren't and tells her it is over between them. He has also slowly taken all her money. Now she has no money and nowhere to go.

Just as Andrew and Juliet have left, Siobhan goes back to the apartment to collect all her jewellery but Bodoway is there and attacks her. Brigette returns to the apartment to see that Bodoway is there and runs up the stairs to catch him, but Siobhan runs away. She shoots him, but he is not dead and catches her leg and strangles her. Machado breaks in as she shoots Bodoway dead. 

Brigette's bodyguard digs up security footage of Siobhan and Charlie at the Hamptons and she discovers that her sister is not dead. She goes to Henry and he tells her that Siobhan made her take her place so she could die... and it ENDS.

GIFS by janaine

WOW this season finale was NOT what I expected... I thought Brigette will tell the truth about herself, be accepted by Andrew and Juliet, confront Siobhan, confront Macawi and have an explosive, but happy ending...  this leaves it very much open and unsatisfying if there isn't going to be a second season. The only thing that's really answered is that Macawi's now dead.

I DID like how Siobhan, now with nothing, wants her old life back, which is a good drive for season 2 if there is one, and for Brigette, I guess her future is finding her sister and reconciling with Andrew and Juliet. 

I'd love for there to be a season 2 but the numbers unfortunately don't justify it. :(

Roxanne Emery Headline Tour London 2012

LAST NIGHT WAS AMAZING. Roxanne Emery's first headline tour in London Hoxton Hall was absolutely brilliant- she is definitely a singer/songwriter to look out for! 


Roxanne sounded amazing live and was so generous to share with us a new song "Build a Home" (someone has kindly uploaded it to Youtube- check it out) which she has only recently written and it was beautiful! Hopefully we will hear it recorded for the upcoming album. And I forgotten how much I loved 'Warm Your Hands' which she put on her myspace a few years back but took it off for some reason :( WE WANT IT BACK! haha

'Cold Heart' was especially impressive given it was the first song I've heard of hers and it resonated, whilst 'One Thing Remains' has always been one of my favourite Christian songs was so happy she covered it!

The new songs live just made me like them even more- 'Pick the Rose' was insane as was 'Walk Through Fire'.

Whilst she didn't perform 'Hero', she sounded amazing rehearsing it (we got there quite a bit earlier and heard through the walls) :P

Also just want to mention her awesome band which made it so lively! 

Thanks so much Roxanne for such a beautiful gig and being so personable and friendly! Hope to see you perform again soon! 


Check out more pics below and her new EP 'TURN BACK':


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