Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Ringer Season 1 Episode 19 Recap

Trouble at Martin/Charles meant that Andrew has to sell off some of his property to keep the company afloat. Juliet pleads her mother Catherine to buy their Palm Springs house to help him, telling her she deleted an email from an interested investor so they she could buy it to keep it in their family.

Catherine secretly meets with the investor knowing his intentions and tries to make more money by buying the land off Andrew and selling it for a higher price. 

Machado digs deeper into the laundry service and thinks that it is related to Bodoway- are they a secret hitman service? He beats up one of the guys and his job is in question.

Brigette decides to testify as Brigette in order to keep her family safe, but Machado, being stripped of his badge and gun is not willing to risk her safety. They decide to use Brigette to pretend to be Brigette and fake her death and broadcast it so Bodoway will think she's dead and leave them alone.

Henry tries to convince Abergast to release the USB information, but he resists and instead tips the police about Henry murdering Tyler. 

Having wired the money to Andrew, Catherine meets with the investor to discover that it was all a scheme for Andrew to get his money back. Now she has nothing. YESSSS :D

Whilst filming the footage, a hitman tries to attack Brigette. They unmask him as the guy who tried to kill her a few months ago who wanted the phone back. The hitman's phone rings and on the other end was... Catherine. D: 

WHHHHATTT I always thought it was Siobhan who sent the hitman... hmm... Can't wait for next week :W

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