Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Ringer Season 1 Episode 18 Recap

As agent Machado is chasing the hitman, the hitman drops a tarot card. Andrew's in hospital after the shooting but will make it through. Henry breaks it off with Siobhan after suspecting that she sent the hitman on Brigette and discovering that Andrew dived in front to save her. 

Brigette tells Andrew about the hitman who tried to kill her in the loft early in the season and how she had killed him, but his body is missing. They decide to send Juliet to Miami with her mother, despite her protests. Juliet's mother threatens her and as they are leaving, they stop off at her school so she could say goodbye to her friends.

Agent Machado finds that the tarot card came from a dodgy laundry place and plans to dig deeper.

Siobhan tells Henry she will confess everything to Andrew so they could be together- he finds her at the hospital and stops her. He tells her the truth about Tyler Baratt and how he accidentally killed him and switched the USBs, but gave it to his father in law so he would pull his investment.

Juliet turns missing and Andrew suspects Olivia has kidnapped her given the address found at her apartment is the one to her school. However, Brigette finds her at their beach house in the Hamptons and makes Juliet tell her the truth about why she doesn't want to live with her mother.

As they return home to tell Andrew, Machado tells them that a body has been found with Malcolm's wallet and is the suspected hitman. Malcolm is still missing but is likely to be targetted, whilst he thinks Bodoway thinks that Brigette is Brigette and more may be coming...

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