Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Ringer Season 1 Episode 18 Recap

OK WOW. So Brigette enlists the help of Solomon to try to find Malcolm- they steal the security tapes from his hotel to discover that Andrew paid him a visit and suspect that he has killed him.

Olivia finds nothing of use on Tyler's USB and suspects that someone must have swapped it, suspecting Siobhan. Brigette looks for the phone that has kept her safe from her hitman early in the season but it is missing. Andrew thought she was looking for the USB and accuses her but she knew nothing.

Siobhan tells Henry the truth about why she did the whole thing, wanting revenge on Brigette for killing her son and also to have a happy life with Henry, revealing that Andrew was the one who tried to kill her and now wants Brigette dead.

Machado returns to New York to find Malcolm missing and asks at Martin Charles. When he goes to the hotel, he finds that Andrew has been there before him asking for security tapes. He suspects Andrew knows more than he is letting on, and upon receiving news of Tyler Barratt's death, pursues.

Juliet meets a guy in her mother's hotel and falls for him only to find that it was the same guy who attacked Tessa. She realises that her mother was the one who paid him.

Henry lures Brigette away from Andrew's office, whilst Siobhan goes to pretend to be Brigette as Siobhan, telling Andrew that she doesn't love him anymore and that he and Olivia deserve to be in jail. Olivia overhears and leaves town.

Henry never shows and Brigette gets a text from Malcolm telling her to go to the loft. She goes with Solomon. As he is checking out the roof, Andrew approaches Brigette and tells her that he will do whatever it takes to make it right. Someone in the shadows appears and fires a shot at Brigette, but Andrew takes it for her.


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