Thursday, 8 March 2012

Ringer Season 1 Episode 16 Recap

OK Wow... where to begin? So Siobhan has enough information to take Martin Charles down but decides to wait a bit longer. Tyler is hasty, takes Siobhan's USB and decides to report it.

Brigette finds out that Siobhan has approached Andrew before about suspicions of Martin Charles and Malcolm thinks that Andrew might be behind her attempted murder. Brigette does not believe him so he goes to Henry and pleads with him to try to protect 'Siobhan'.

Henry reports this to Siobhan and Siobhan asks Henry to take the USB back from Tyler whilst he's in New York and to prevent Brigette from meeting with him. Siobhan calls Malcolm pretending to be Brigette and gives him a mouthful.

She also overhears Andrew and Olivia talk about Tyler being the mole and knowing about the scheme and decide to find him as he has been flown into New York.Olivia tells Andrew that Malcolm has also been hacking into their system.

Brigette arrives at Tyler's hotel only to be intercepted by Henry, whilst Tyler, as he's about to go hand in the incriminating evidence, gets intercepted by Olivia. He hands her documents but keeps the USB to himself. Brigette sees Andrew at the hotel and does not get out her taxi until he's gone. She gets a voicemail from him telling her not to spill the beans as he will lose everything.

Once he has gone, she goes to Tyler's room to find him dead. His USB in Olivia's hands. Malcolm calls Machado telling him he would like to testify to his kidnapping by Macawi. He gets a knock on the door and sees an angry Andrew. Wow... 

Also in the ep it tells of Machado's more personal life with the girl Brigette witnessed the murder of... so makes him more human I guess :3

Is Andrew really going to kill Malcolm? How will this affect Siobhan's plan? Will Brigette be safe? Ahhh can't wait for next week's ep (someone tries to kill Brigette!)

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