Sunday, 18 March 2012

'Just a Game' (The Hunger Games Soundtrack) by Birdy

Another really great song off The Hunger Games Movie soundtrack is 'Just a Game' by Birdy, a very young British artist who will definitely gain a lot of fans from this song.

'Just a Game' is a beautiful song reflecting Katniss' thoughts perhaps on being 'just a piece' in the games and questioning Peeta's motives and remembering the start of the games when they were on fire... and the lyrics are so closely matched to the thoughts in the book...

Take my hand and my heart races.
The flames illuminate our faces.
And we’re on fire, now a kiss to the crowd.
They’re only hope now.
And now I know, my place.
And now I know, my place.
We’re all just pieces in their games

... that I can just picture when they would play this song. It would work phenomenally at the end of the film as they're taking the train home and they look out the window... and Katniss tells Peeta her true feelings just as they arrive and they have to hold hands one last time...

Check out the song below:

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