Thursday, 1 March 2012

Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 9 (The Getaway) Recap

It's the school camping trip weekend and Jane is excited to go with Nick. India overhears a conversation she has about spending the weekend with a guy, gets jealous and persuades Gray to let her take Jane to Beverly Hills for the weekend to view some stores, thinking she was going to be with Jeremy.

Ben decides to go on the camping trip after seeing how impressed Rita was with Todd. Todd shows off his tent-building skills, smore making skills as well as campfire singing... which gets Ben annoyed.

In Beverly Hills, India goes out to meet 'business friends' and Jane follows her to keep an eye on her and discovers that India is meeting with Gray's husband Beau Bronn. India tells Jane that he has offered her a job to work for him but she has declined. 

Lulu confronts Billy about always picking Jane before her and runs off. Nick calls Jane but India picks up whilst they're at a party and Nick hears some compromising details which leads him to kiss Lulu- I HATE NICK FOR THAT. Billy sees them and asks his brother to take him home.

The next day, Jane and India spend some quality time together which was REALLY sweet and I really liked the soft side to India. She even gave Jane a gift. awww!!

Billy's brother Tommy asks him to go on another 'job' which Billy agrees to but backs out when he discovers what it was. Tommy calls him and asks him to pick him up, but they get caught.

Ben confesses he hates camping to Rita and that the only reason he went was for her. They share a really cute kiss :3 

Ben finds Jane's Paris photos and discovers that she's actually working as Gray's assistant. WOW.

The promo for the next ep also seems really exciting as it is the 'spring finale' of the show. Jane's secret is out (which I feel it is still too early for) but all could go awry... Billy will tell Jane a secret which will probably be that he saw Nick and Lulu kiss oppose to him liking her... We will see!

ABC Family has ordered 8 more episodes for Jane by Design so we will see more of it over the Summer!

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