Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 10 (The End of the Line) Recap

WOW. This was a pretty explosive episode for a Spring finale. So Billy tells Jane that he saw Lulu and Nick kiss. Jane confronts Nick and tells him that it's over between them and that he wrongly accused her of being with another guy in the last ep. Nick admits to making a mistake to Billy and wants to make it up to them.

Ben bans Jane from going to work and forces her to quit. It's the fashion show for their 'Marie Antoinette' collection the following day so Gray gets anxious and does everything she can to prevent a leak. Beau Bronn pays Gray a visit and hands her signed divorce papers.

At Billy's court hearing, he admits to acting alone despite his lawyer's defence and Ben's testimony of his character, whilst Jane sneaks off to work.

During an interview at Donovan Decker, Gray discovers that Beau's collection is a copy of hers and tries to hunt down the mole. India accuses Jane. The team work hard at fixing  the problem and goes with Jane's idea of making the collection punk.

Back at Jane's home, Ben quizzes Billy of Jane's whereabouts and he tells him she's gone to work and he goes to find her. Tommy finds Billy to apologise and tell him he should tell Jane he loves her as it is obvious. He runs out the door. TOO SOON I think... It's only mid season!

Jane puts 2+2 together and accuses India of leaking the line as she stole her gown drawing a few eps ago and also met with Bronn last ep. Gray fires her on the spot. India leaves reluctantly and tells Jane 'You've got the wrong person'. I feel so sorry for India- love her character and definitely hope she will return for the next half of the season!

At the show, the line was a huge success- with Paulina Porizkova in her cameo sitting next to Gray and praising all the gowns- a bit too much for me LOL. Jane sees Ben in the audience and has a heart to heart. He lets her continue her job as it is her dream as long as she is honest.

Jane hangs around for a bit at the venue. Jeremy thanks her for giving him his love for fashion all over again. He gets a text from a 'blocked' number telling him to go outside. OMG HE'S THE MOLE. He tells Jane to wait where she is and he leaves to 'sort this out'. Billy's car breaks down and he runs to find Jane. 

Jeremy gets into a blacked out car and tells Bronn he can't do this anymore and returns to Jane. Billy finds Jane and tells her 'It's you. It's always been you', just as Jeremy walks in and Jane is torn between the two? BOOM.

So eight more episodes have been ordered which will air over the summer apparently... 

-Will Billy have to do time for his crime?
-Will Jane pick Billy or Jeremy? 
-Will Nick make things right between him and Jane?
-Will Jeremy's crime ever be found out (will Bronn leak it to Gray)?
-Will India return?
-Will Jane's secret come out at Donovan Decker?

Hmm... hopefully they tackle those in the new episodes! Can't wait! :D But one thing I hope definitely happens is that INDIA COMES BACK!

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