Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fibre Optic Light Installations by Carlo Bernardini

"The experimental visual research to the field of contemporary art by Carlo Bernardini is developed by means of environmental light installations in optic fibers, sculptures, light boxes. The path of abstraction is a gradual research of the line and space elements in order to conquer its essence, as if to trace the invisible. "

“Paper is simply paper as long as it is white, but once you draw on it, it becomes ‘a drawing’."~ Carlo Bernandini.

I think his play of light in space is extremely interesting, especially his ideas of 'drawing' in an architectural space and changing it from emptiness to something of meaning. 

The exploration of space inside of objects and their interaction in prisms/glass is also greatly intriguing- how light can be harnessed as well as broken.

Check out more images below:

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