Friday, 16 March 2012

'Eyes Open' (The Hunger Games Soundtrack) by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's second offering to The Hunger Games Movie (seeing it next Thursday- SO EXCITED) soundtrack titled 'Eyes Open' has leaked. 

Whilst still maintaining some of the darker themes of the book lyrically, the song is far more upbeat than 'Safe and Sound'. From Katniss' perspective in the arena, lyrics include "Everybody's waiting for you to breakdown, Everybody's watching to see the fallout, Even when you're sleeping, sleeping, keep your eyes open".

I love this song as well as 'Safe and Sound'- which may hint to her new album due later this year to have a similarly developed sound? I can only hope so! Apparently, she has also collaborated with B.o.B on his album... so who knows!

Check out the song below:

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