Friday, 2 March 2012

Avril Lavigne 'Goodbye' Video

Wrapping up her last 'Black Star Tour', Avril Lavigne has created a video for her fans of her most personal song 'Goodbye'. Whilst it isn't an official music video, she created it to mark the end of the 'Goodbye Lullaby' era.

Shot by Mark Liddell, the black and white/ at times colour video is reminiscent of her Vanity Fair Italy spread in terms of dress and style, and this could almost be the 'behind the scenes' of that shoot. 

Whilst I'm a bit disappointed by the fact that she just flounces around in her undies, there is more emotion towards the end and marks some sort of narrative- is she waiting for someone? Is this goodbye to someone? 

Either way, it's nice that she creates this for her fans, and now we eagerly anticipate her new album which is slated to come out in 2012- hopefully with no delays this time!

Check out her video for her fans:

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