Saturday, 31 March 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 Episode 5 Recap

Was it just me or was it really annoying how they were selling the Virgin Mobile phone? urgh... and they even had the logo in the corner... 

The girls first challenge is to go on castings for Toronto fashion week, and the jobs they book they will actually walk in. The girl who books the most shows will win a trip back to Canada and clothes from Jay's collection.

One of the shows will be for Jay Manuel's attitude. More product placement- the shots of Jay Manuel's store and hilarious how they aired the confessionals where the girls praised his clothing.

Seymone was not confident and did not book any jobs. Poor Ashley also did not book any jobs. Sophie and Eboni both booked four shows and won the challenge. 

At the runway, Kyle and Laura got cut from their show as they weren't confident enough and the designer did not think they could get enough practice before the show.

For their photoshoot, the girls will be posing in maple leaf garments and have maple syrup poured all over them. I also quite liked this week's concept. It could easily have been for a make up brand or even herbal essences or whatever...

Most of the girls did well, especially Azmarie, Eboni and Seymone. It seems like everyone did a good job! However, Ashley had a bit of a problem so I think she is going to go home because she didn't book any jobs either... her personality saved her once, it won't be enough to save her again.

At panel, Kelly says she loves Ashley but the photo is not good. They liked Annaliese, Sophie and Catherine from the UK. 

For the US team, they loved Laura and Azmarie (loved the verticality of the maple syrup in her pic), and surprisingly Seymone (she looked very highly photoshopped though) and despite it being her most sexual shot to date, Tyra had to eat her words and accept how stunning it is. Kyle was meh- i hate her hand- eww...


Nothing much new was said at deliberation- I think Ashley is definitely going home :( but a number of them could get first call out. Personally I think Eboni's shot will be first as I can actually picture it in a magazine. Azmarie, Laura and Sophie will follow suit...

The first girl called is... 

EBONI YESSSS followed by Azmarie and Sophie. The call out order is a bit messed up- Alisha over Annaliese? But in the bottom two were Ashley and Catherine- it was pretty obvious Ashley would go... :'( bye bye Ashley!

OK I find it really annoying how Eboni is made to have pigtails in her confessionals and also Tyra keeps banging on about her being 30 never and telling her not to be sexy. She looks WAY better with her hair down like she did in the shows anyway. = =

Now that Ashley is gone, my new top three is:
1. Annaliese
2. Eboni
3. Sophie


  1. This is my opinion:

  2. This rubbish about Tyra making Eboni 30-never and limiting her to pre-teen audience is getting ridiculous. In my opinion she does look too hoochy in her pic and I don't like her at all but this 30-never thing is getting way too ridiculous


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