Friday, 23 March 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 Episode 4 Recap

So after panel tensions are high after Louise's 'shock exit' last week. Eboni is upset that Tyra wants her to be that baby face.

The first Tyra Mail sends them to a sales challenge. The girls have to do a commercial selling a particular product in one continuous take and the winner will receive some diamond necklaces... Products they have to sell include hand sanitizer, trash bags, hair dryers etc...

Sophie does a good job, as does Alisha and Annaleise... Ashley was horrible... oh lol... just what are these things coming out of your mouth ahahahhaha hilarious... she was selling toilety paper and insinuates some dodgy uses!

For the US team, most were a bit of a wreck, especially Candace who just kept saying 'buy the coffee'. Kyle messed her lines up a bit...


Annaleise: "Kyle is dry, she's like toast with no butter."


[after Kyle's turn]
Eboni: "I'm not buying."

The twist is that they will bring in actual consumers to rate them on their performance. The consumers liked Sophie, Annaleise, Seymond and Kyle, which upsets the other girls as Kyle didn't do well but was liked because of her look. Feeling attacked, Kyle leaves and declares she wants to go home.

In the end, Annaleise wins the challenge.

For their photoshoot this week, the girls pose in British couture hats with American cars. I thought the concept was finally quite good but the results were a bit horrible- that fake photoshop spotlighting especially.

Azmarie and Catherine do a good job... Alisha finally tries to sell her legs but maybe a bit too much. Despite her doubts about leaving, Kyle does a great job on set. Ashley looked stunning in her dress, and got a good shot. 

Seymone struggled on her shoot. Laura and Annaleise did well too. Although she looked wonderful, and I'm sure she got a great shot, Sophie had trouble coordinating her movement with the car. Eboni also looked great and did a good job on set. 

From the shoot, I feel that Seymone may be eliminated but could possibly be saved by Tyra's favouritism...


At panel, Sophie's picture was called maternity ad by Kelly whilst Eboni got a great picture but Tyra keeps going on about her being too sexy- it was a stunning pic- just let her be! Catherine lost neck and Kelly called her ad 'not sexy'.

Alisha's body positioning was awful- like was she doing lunges or something?

[at Seymone's picture]
Kelly: "I'm not a fan of mediocrity"

Kyle was critiqued for her panel appearance, but was praised on her photo- it was OK but all the judges seem to swoon over it. 

Ashley also got a good shot and Nigel praised her. Candace did horribly- no face difference- she's going HOME. Laura has the best photo I think- it's just perfect H2T as Tyra would put it... very Charlize Theron. 

Annaleise was critiqued for not looking taller but Tyra praised her facial muscle action. And the judges loved Azmarie's shot.

I'm surprised Ms Jay didn't bring up Kyle wanting to go home at panel... hmm...

There are quite a few good shots this week so it's pretty tough but I'm pretty sure it's Candace's turn to go home. But who will get top photo? Will it be Kyle? Azmarie? Laura? 

So the first girl called is...

Azmarie followed by Laura and Kyle (who looked worried... will she still quit?). In the bottom two are Seymone and Candace. Meh, either can go home. And in the end, Candace goes home. She brings up Kyle's wanting to leave (yayaya) but ofc Tyra doesn't do anything about it... let's hope Kyle breaks down some more and cause some drama.

Top Three:
1. Ashley
2. Annaleise
3. Sophie/Eboni

Next week the girls are drenched in maple syrup in a beautiful artistic shot- :3

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