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America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 Episode 3 Recap

So the episode starts with the US winning another gift since Laura got best photo. The UK team decide to play a little joke by chucking paper balls at the American girls which pisses Seymone off and she starts a shouting tirade- seriously.. if you want to go to sleep, go to sleep and don't wake EVERYONE up by shouting!? Urgh- go home.

Tyra pays them a visit and tells them about her book MODELLAND- Oh gosh- and how in her book, supermodels have super powers (called intoxibellas)- prepare yourself- and mysteriously conjures up a cape. I think I'm going into a cringe coma. 

And the cringe fest continues with Tyra giving them all an 'intoxibella' name... which I won't go through... but some were accurate, whilst others were a bit obvious and a waste of time... she then talks about being a 'super-mogul' and how she just graduated from Harvard Business school- haha more about yourself. -.-

The girls then go to meet Kelly Cutrone and they have to 'call the shots' by creating an ad campaign for in which they need a leader, a wardrobe, a street male model, props and they have a day to prepare for their shoot but they will be shooting individually.

I think it's a very cool challenge and actually one that might be somewhat useful- the hecticness reminds me of go-sees... but definitely a good challenge.

Annaliese has some leadership issues and seems confused- which the editing does make you seem to believe. Louise does not like the way she's speaking to them, but personally I think she is right. You have to have everything down to a T (OK I'm VERY organised so I get where Kelly is coming from)...

She later does not pick up her phone... seriously... 

OK so for the shoot, they will be in charge. 

The US team didn't do that well in terms of being true to their theme of British Royalty mixed with Punk but Laura and Azmarie did well whilst the UK team styling was good but was in total disorganisation.

The UK team has only twelve minutes left to get Louise' shot done so she starts running around. Kelly does not like it as it causes 'chaos' and tells her not to run which pisses Louise off. Kelly tells her to stay calm and not to run around.

Louise has three minutes to pull the shot and gets a very strong photo.

The girls also get to pick which shot they present to panel which I think is one of their biggest advantages (given previous dodgy selections on cycles)...

At panel, despite her chaotic leadership, Kelly says she respects her energy and Cat Deeley liked her photo for appealing to the demographic. Sophie and Catherine were praised for their photo. Ashley was critiqued for being too posed. Alisha picked a photo with her legs cropped even though those were her 'superpowers'. 

AND NOW THE LOUISE DRAMA... Nigel comments on her photo being 'mean' which Louise jokes by blowing a raspberry and says 'I feel like I can't win' (I understand her comment to be of a humourous nature). Kelly makes a snide remark. Nigel seems to help by reminding her it might be good to just accept comments graciously. Kelly tells Louise that she felt she was rude, which Louise defends and calls Kelly out for being rude. Tyra tells her there's a heirarchy in the industry and she needs to know her place.

Louise is still acting professionally by saying 'she understands the heirarchy'... Cat tells her how important it is and as Louise shakes her head and Cat points it out, Louise breaks down and runs out and declares she wants to go home. Urgh. 

OK I think she has every right to be pissed at the show and she doesn't want to take the crap anymore but she should know what she's signed onto and if I was her, I'd be professional and hold my ground. If I get cut, I get cut knowing I stayed true to myself... now she just looks weak... AND angry and have an attitude problem. I think her rage outside was uncalled for and definitely not right. 

See it for yourself:

THOUGH, the video Kelly posted of Louise calling her names was really unprofessional and bitchy. Smh.  

Anyway... Louise has left now... and Tyra defends by saying "The critique on the show is meant to be constructive" LOL. 

Most of the US girls got good critique especially Laura and Azmarie. Eboni was too sexy and Candace's picture was not good. At all.

At deliberation, the judges liked Louise' photo. Kelly points out that Annaliese's personality compensates for a lack of modelling skills. 

So I have a feeling Sophie might get first call out though it was tough between Azmarie, Catherine and Laura. In the bottom will be Candace and maybe Eboni or even Ashley.

First call out goes to...

Azmarie :( followed by Sophie and Laura. OK WOW... so Tyra announces that 8 photos were deemed worthy of seven girls were called and the remaining four (Ashley, Alisha, Eboni and Candace) stood waiting to find out who it was... and Tyra pulls Louise's photo. 


Tyra tells the girls to step forward and that she only has one photo in her hands... WHAT... a photo of ALL OF THEM!! NON ELIMINATION!! ARHGGHGHHG Tyra praises them for handling critique and that is something the judges see as potential.... or whatever rubbish was conjured up... YAY Ashley stayed :3

Top Three:
1. Ashley
2. Sophie
3. Annaliese
(Eboni close behind)

OK NEXT WEEK'S PROMO... the girls are trying to sell  some ANTM products and Kyle breaks down and claims she wants to go home... WOW... Never in ANTM has 2 girls quit in one cycle... let's do this.

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  1. Louise was always going to act that way. Shame because she is a good model and had one of the best faces in the competition but her temper got the better of her as always


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