Thursday, 8 March 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 Episode 2 Recap

The girls react to last week's elimination where the UK girls were in the bottom 5 and it was embarassing. They are determined to not only win the challenge but get top photo because the US girls received a present of clothes.

TyraMail leaked them the makeovers but they don't know who gets what- inspired by European trends, they're getting drastic cuts and colours.

Louise is not happy with her hair being cut shorter and make a tad darker- but everyone else seems to be happy. Like seriously, why would they mess with your hair unless it's going to make you a better model? Oh wait, it's ANTM. Pah!

So the best makeovers are probably Sophie with her pink short cotton candy hair and probably Catherine with her new magenta/red colour hair.

The girls get some sort of mini-challenge slash torture session where they're made to eat nasty foods from the other's country, with the likes of pig's feet, haggis, and some other intestinal thingees. The American's won with Seymone's 'tank' role.

Quote 1 of the ep:
Seymone: "I'm gonna go to McDonalds if I go to London, I'm not eating that *"

Seymone then has an argument with Candace as Candace jokes about her not sharing the haggis. Sophie has a Brittani Kline mwahahah moment in the confessional - GIF PLEASE?

For the girls' photoshoot, they will be in a funky wacky set with Kris Jenner and also her two younger daughters, posing as toddlers in pairs.

Annaleise + Seymone
Seymone struggled.

Quote 2 of the ep:
Ashley [with Sophie in confessional]: "Seymone told me I'm her favourite Brit... and Candace and Azmarie..."
Sophie: "What? They're saying that to me!"
Ashley: Shut up.

Kyle + Mariah
Mariah was a bit awkward to begin with but Jay liked it towards the end.

Laura, Sophie + Catherine
Loved what Laura was doing with the brokenness- and falling out of the cot. Sophie also looked great.

Candace + Eboni
Boring- nothing to say. Candace likes to pout.

Ashley + Azmarie
Both did a good job I think. But Jay says she looked awkward.

Louise and Alisha
Louise just comes across angry like Molly was in Cycle 15... Alisha - no comment. 

At panel, Ashley was praised by Kelly whilst Azmarie made her disappointed. I liked Ashley's photo- do NOT like Azmarie. Mariah and Kyle were both critiqued, Mariah for being too sexy and Kyle for just being pretty. Kelly was not happy with the photo. 

Laura rocked her photo and I thought she too the necessary risks so well done for her- the other two look good but do not shine out of that photo. 

Eboni was praised for pulling through her straightener burn. Liked her face but not so much her body position :P

Annaliese and Seymone were both critiqued (prob worst photo of the bunch). Louise was critiqued for being too sexy whilst Alisha was not demure enough says Kelly. 

I'm predicting Laura will get first call-out followed by Ashley, with Alisha in the bottom.

In the end, the first girl called is...

Laura (as expected) followed by Ashley and Eboni. In the bottom are (not Alisha) but Seymone and Mariah... Hmm interesting... I think Mariah would be going home then since Seymone got best photo last week... and she gets saved! Bye bye Mariah- she's so gorgeous but she didn't work it.

Top Three:
1. Ashley
2. Annaliese
3. Eboni/Sophie

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  1. Whoever thought that the red, blonde and blue hair is versatile a high fashion look should be shot. that hair is one of the most ridiculous examples they've thought of in my opinion


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