Thursday, 1 March 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 (British Invasion) Episode 1 Recap

So it's Cycle 18 of America's Next Top Model and since Tyra promises no more normal cycles of ANTM, this cycle brings us the 'British Invasion', where 7 ex-BNTM contestants come to compete with 7 original American girls... and a chance for Tyra to annoy us with her fake British accent.

Since the stupid result of Cycle 17 (All Stars), I'm really not feeling ANTM and especially with this gimmick, I shan't be as hyped for this cycle as normal cycles, so recaps will be brief...

Also, I have found the Brit girls' accents to be VERY annoying and just doesn't sound right on the show... and the girls just all seem really annoying, probably due to the competition against each other, bringing their catty sides out. 

So after a very boring and stupid parade and 'walk-off', the girls go home to their crib where they're again divided into Brits and Yanks - I really hope they start befriending each other and causing some sort of Romeo-Juliet havoc. I can't take any more forced competition between the two countries.

The photoshoot saw the girls pose as iconic figures from their countries whilst jumping on a trampoline with 60 cameras recording a 3D image. I love the concept of the 3D image, but hate the gimmick of having to pose as iconic figures. They really should've just kept it simple.

Did not feel any of the photos and was a pretty rubbish photoshoot. 

At judging, new judge Kelly Kutrone was introduced and girls either did really well or really the first girl called is... 

Gif via
Seymone, followed by Kyle and Sophie. In the bottom two are Jasmiah and Ashley, with Jasmiah going home.

Overall, this cycle definitely feels stupid and very forced... Hopefully the photoshoots get better. AND I hate that the prizes were pretty much the same as All Stars- rendering the previous cycle not really special any more... 

Whilst none of the girls truly grew on me, I would pick the following...

Top Three:
1. Ashley - relatable human being with feelings (knew she wud be saved as her eyes started tearing lol)

2. Mariah - seems genuinely a nice person
3. Annaleise - likeable if bitchy


  1. I haven't watched ANTM in a while, but this looks interesting.

  2. When is this 'interesting' NTM on tv?

  3. ANTM British invasion is currently airing in the US every wed and can be watched online on thursdays in the UK. It will probably air on livingtv in the autumn time.


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