Saturday, 31 March 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 Episode 5 Recap

Was it just me or was it really annoying how they were selling the Virgin Mobile phone? urgh... and they even had the logo in the corner... 

The girls first challenge is to go on castings for Toronto fashion week, and the jobs they book they will actually walk in. The girl who books the most shows will win a trip back to Canada and clothes from Jay's collection.

One of the shows will be for Jay Manuel's attitude. More product placement- the shots of Jay Manuel's store and hilarious how they aired the confessionals where the girls praised his clothing.

Seymone was not confident and did not book any jobs. Poor Ashley also did not book any jobs. Sophie and Eboni both booked four shows and won the challenge. 

At the runway, Kyle and Laura got cut from their show as they weren't confident enough and the designer did not think they could get enough practice before the show.

For their photoshoot, the girls will be posing in maple leaf garments and have maple syrup poured all over them. I also quite liked this week's concept. It could easily have been for a make up brand or even herbal essences or whatever...

Most of the girls did well, especially Azmarie, Eboni and Seymone. It seems like everyone did a good job! However, Ashley had a bit of a problem so I think she is going to go home because she didn't book any jobs either... her personality saved her once, it won't be enough to save her again.

At panel, Kelly says she loves Ashley but the photo is not good. They liked Annaliese, Sophie and Catherine from the UK. 

For the US team, they loved Laura and Azmarie (loved the verticality of the maple syrup in her pic), and surprisingly Seymone (she looked very highly photoshopped though) and despite it being her most sexual shot to date, Tyra had to eat her words and accept how stunning it is. Kyle was meh- i hate her hand- eww...


Nothing much new was said at deliberation- I think Ashley is definitely going home :( but a number of them could get first call out. Personally I think Eboni's shot will be first as I can actually picture it in a magazine. Azmarie, Laura and Sophie will follow suit...

The first girl called is... 

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Ringer Season 1 Episode 19 Recap

Trouble at Martin/Charles meant that Andrew has to sell off some of his property to keep the company afloat. Juliet pleads her mother Catherine to buy their Palm Springs house to help him, telling her she deleted an email from an interested investor so they she could buy it to keep it in their family.

Catherine secretly meets with the investor knowing his intentions and tries to make more money by buying the land off Andrew and selling it for a higher price. 

Machado digs deeper into the laundry service and thinks that it is related to Bodoway- are they a secret hitman service? He beats up one of the guys and his job is in question.

Brigette decides to testify as Brigette in order to keep her family safe, but Machado, being stripped of his badge and gun is not willing to risk her safety. They decide to use Brigette to pretend to be Brigette and fake her death and broadcast it so Bodoway will think she's dead and leave them alone.

Henry tries to convince Abergast to release the USB information, but he resists and instead tips the police about Henry murdering Tyler. 

Having wired the money to Andrew, Catherine meets with the investor to discover that it was all a scheme for Andrew to get his money back. Now she has nothing. YESSSS :D

Whilst filming the footage, a hitman tries to attack Brigette. They unmask him as the guy who tried to kill her a few months ago who wanted the phone back. The hitman's phone rings and on the other end was... Catherine. D: 

WHHHHATTT I always thought it was Siobhan who sent the hitman... hmm... Can't wait for next week :W

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Brittani Kline for Christopher Gabello


Cycle 16 winner Brittani Kline looks wonderful in these test shots by Christopher Gabello. Apparently, she has quit modelling to continue her studies which is very interesting and a part of me feels like she played the whole ANTM game to her own advantage- who knows... but she is definitely versatile and could potentially do well if she did stick with it.

Check out more images below:

Monday, 26 March 2012

'The Secret World of Arrietty' Film Review

Based on The Borrowers, Studio Ghibi's latest film is a beautiful reimagining of such a world with little people who borrow.

During Arrietty's  first borrowing, she is spotted by a young boy Sho who just moved into the house to rest before his heart operation. Having always been told to steer clear of Human beings, Arrietty is fearful of what being discovered would mean to their family. But when Sho seeks to protect her and her family, an unlikely friendship begins to blossom.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Katarzyna Dolinska for Ninja Magazine

Shot by Romain Sellier for Ninja magazine, Katarzyna Dolinska was my favourite of her cycle and is definitely one of the most high fashion models to have come out of the show.

I've seen the image below before but never the whole spread and it's really quite beautiful- the colours, the styling, the narrative... it's not a new spread but when it gets as artistic and fantastical as this, it just deserves a post :)

Check out more images below:

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Swarm by David Adey

Intricately cutting magazines of skintones into beautiful shapes and pinning them down into an organic composition, David Adey has created a beautiful organic relief sculpture, titled 'Swarm'.

Arranged in a swirling organic arrangement, the subtle tones create dramatic depth and a symbiosis of bodies in a mysterious and magical way. It lures you to take a closer look and discover the fantastic detail, each piece almost like a scale, forming a new skin.

Check out more images below:

Friday, 23 March 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 Episode 4 Recap

So after panel tensions are high after Louise's 'shock exit' last week. Eboni is upset that Tyra wants her to be that baby face.

The first Tyra Mail sends them to a sales challenge. The girls have to do a commercial selling a particular product in one continuous take and the winner will receive some diamond necklaces... Products they have to sell include hand sanitizer, trash bags, hair dryers etc...

Sophie does a good job, as does Alisha and Annaleise... Ashley was horrible... oh lol... just what are these things coming out of your mouth ahahahhaha hilarious... she was selling toilety paper and insinuates some dodgy uses!

For the US team, most were a bit of a wreck, especially Candace who just kept saying 'buy the coffee'. Kyle messed her lines up a bit...


Annaleise: "Kyle is dry, she's like toast with no butter."


[after Kyle's turn]
Eboni: "I'm not buying."

The twist is that they will bring in actual consumers to rate them on their performance. The consumers liked Sophie, Annaleise, Seymond and Kyle, which upsets the other girls as Kyle didn't do well but was liked because of her look. Feeling attacked, Kyle leaves and declares she wants to go home.

In the end, Annaleise wins the challenge.

For their photoshoot this week, the girls pose in British couture hats with American cars. I thought the concept was finally quite good but the results were a bit horrible- that fake photoshop spotlighting especially.

Azmarie and Catherine do a good job... Alisha finally tries to sell her legs but maybe a bit too much. Despite her doubts about leaving, Kyle does a great job on set. Ashley looked stunning in her dress, and got a good shot. 

Seymone struggled on her shoot. Laura and Annaleise did well too. Although she looked wonderful, and I'm sure she got a great shot, Sophie had trouble coordinating her movement with the car. Eboni also looked great and did a good job on set. 

From the shoot, I feel that Seymone may be eliminated but could possibly be saved by Tyra's favouritism...


At panel, Sophie's picture was called maternity ad by Kelly whilst Eboni got a great picture but Tyra keeps going on about her being too sexy- it was a stunning pic- just let her be! Catherine lost neck and Kelly called her ad 'not sexy'.

Alisha's body positioning was awful- like was she doing lunges or something?

[at Seymone's picture]
Kelly: "I'm not a fan of mediocrity"

Kyle was critiqued for her panel appearance, but was praised on her photo- it was OK but all the judges seem to swoon over it. 

Ashley also got a good shot and Nigel praised her. Candace did horribly- no face difference- she's going HOME. Laura has the best photo I think- it's just perfect H2T as Tyra would put it... very Charlize Theron. 

Annaleise was critiqued for not looking taller but Tyra praised her facial muscle action. And the judges loved Azmarie's shot.

I'm surprised Ms Jay didn't bring up Kyle wanting to go home at panel... hmm...

There are quite a few good shots this week so it's pretty tough but I'm pretty sure it's Candace's turn to go home. But who will get top photo? Will it be Kyle? Azmarie? Laura? 

So the first girl called is...

'The Hunger Games' Film Review

Welcome, welcome... Happy Hunger Games!

Well, where to begin? I just went to see the highly anticipated film adaptation of Suzanne Collins' novel The Hunger Games and hmm... was left feeling a bit disatisfied...

Every year, the 12 districts of Panem each randomly select a boy and a girl to participate in the hunger games to remind them of the historic rebellion which lead to ruins and destruction, and the annual sacrifice gives them a sort of hope that by winning, they can reap the blessings of the Capitol.
Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) offers herself as a tribute when her sister Primrose is chosen in the reaping. Along with male tribute Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson), Katniss must enter the hunger games and fight to the death till a lone victor remains.

For a more detailed plot summary, see my book review

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Ringer Season 1 Episode 18 Recap

As agent Machado is chasing the hitman, the hitman drops a tarot card. Andrew's in hospital after the shooting but will make it through. Henry breaks it off with Siobhan after suspecting that she sent the hitman on Brigette and discovering that Andrew dived in front to save her. 

Brigette tells Andrew about the hitman who tried to kill her in the loft early in the season and how she had killed him, but his body is missing. They decide to send Juliet to Miami with her mother, despite her protests. Juliet's mother threatens her and as they are leaving, they stop off at her school so she could say goodbye to her friends.

Agent Machado finds that the tarot card came from a dodgy laundry place and plans to dig deeper.

Siobhan tells Henry she will confess everything to Andrew so they could be together- he finds her at the hospital and stops her. He tells her the truth about Tyler Baratt and how he accidentally killed him and switched the USBs, but gave it to his father in law so he would pull his investment.

Juliet turns missing and Andrew suspects Olivia has kidnapped her given the address found at her apartment is the one to her school. However, Brigette finds her at their beach house in the Hamptons and makes Juliet tell her the truth about why she doesn't want to live with her mother.

As they return home to tell Andrew, Machado tells them that a body has been found with Malcolm's wallet and is the suspected hitman. Malcolm is still missing but is likely to be targetted, whilst he thinks Bodoway thinks that Brigette is Brigette and more may be coming...

Sunday, 18 March 2012

'Just a Game' (The Hunger Games Soundtrack) by Birdy

Another really great song off The Hunger Games Movie soundtrack is 'Just a Game' by Birdy, a very young British artist who will definitely gain a lot of fans from this song.

'Just a Game' is a beautiful song reflecting Katniss' thoughts perhaps on being 'just a piece' in the games and questioning Peeta's motives and remembering the start of the games when they were on fire... and the lyrics are so closely matched to the thoughts in the book...

Take my hand and my heart races.
The flames illuminate our faces.
And we’re on fire, now a kiss to the crowd.
They’re only hope now.
And now I know, my place.
And now I know, my place.
We’re all just pieces in their games

... that I can just picture when they would play this song. It would work phenomenally at the end of the film as they're taking the train home and they look out the window... and Katniss tells Peeta her true feelings just as they arrive and they have to hold hands one last time...

Check out the song below:

Saturday, 17 March 2012

'Dark Shadows' Film Trailer Preview

Another one of Tim Burton's films has its trailer released, this one reuniting Burton with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter.

Based on the cult TV series, 'Dark Shadows' tells of vampire Barnabus Collins (Depp) who is cursed by a witch (Eva Green) who desperately tries to make him love her. 

The trailer definitely fooled me into thinking it was some dark gothic tale... then it well all out cringe comedy... No idea what to think... expected a Sweeney Todd/Edward Scissorhands type film!
The film will be out May 11. Check out the trailer below:

Friday, 16 March 2012

'Eyes Open' (The Hunger Games Soundtrack) by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's second offering to The Hunger Games Movie (seeing it next Thursday- SO EXCITED) soundtrack titled 'Eyes Open' has leaked. 

Whilst still maintaining some of the darker themes of the book lyrically, the song is far more upbeat than 'Safe and Sound'. From Katniss' perspective in the arena, lyrics include "Everybody's waiting for you to breakdown, Everybody's watching to see the fallout, Even when you're sleeping, sleeping, keep your eyes open".

I love this song as well as 'Safe and Sound'- which may hint to her new album due later this year to have a similarly developed sound? I can only hope so! Apparently, she has also collaborated with B.o.B on his album... so who knows!

Check out the song below:

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fibre Optic Light Installations by Carlo Bernardini

"The experimental visual research to the field of contemporary art by Carlo Bernardini is developed by means of environmental light installations in optic fibers, sculptures, light boxes. The path of abstraction is a gradual research of the line and space elements in order to conquer its essence, as if to trace the invisible. "

“Paper is simply paper as long as it is white, but once you draw on it, it becomes ‘a drawing’."~ Carlo Bernandini.

I think his play of light in space is extremely interesting, especially his ideas of 'drawing' in an architectural space and changing it from emptiness to something of meaning. 

The exploration of space inside of objects and their interaction in prisms/glass is also greatly intriguing- how light can be harnessed as well as broken.

Check out more images below:

America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 Episode 3 Recap

So the episode starts with the US winning another gift since Laura got best photo. The UK team decide to play a little joke by chucking paper balls at the American girls which pisses Seymone off and she starts a shouting tirade- seriously.. if you want to go to sleep, go to sleep and don't wake EVERYONE up by shouting!? Urgh- go home.

Tyra pays them a visit and tells them about her book MODELLAND- Oh gosh- and how in her book, supermodels have super powers (called intoxibellas)- prepare yourself- and mysteriously conjures up a cape. I think I'm going into a cringe coma. 

And the cringe fest continues with Tyra giving them all an 'intoxibella' name... which I won't go through... but some were accurate, whilst others were a bit obvious and a waste of time... she then talks about being a 'super-mogul' and how she just graduated from Harvard Business school- haha more about yourself. -.-

The girls then go to meet Kelly Cutrone and they have to 'call the shots' by creating an ad campaign for in which they need a leader, a wardrobe, a street male model, props and they have a day to prepare for their shoot but they will be shooting individually.

I think it's a very cool challenge and actually one that might be somewhat useful- the hecticness reminds me of go-sees... but definitely a good challenge.

Annaliese has some leadership issues and seems confused- which the editing does make you seem to believe. Louise does not like the way she's speaking to them, but personally I think she is right. You have to have everything down to a T (OK I'm VERY organised so I get where Kelly is coming from)...

She later does not pick up her phone... seriously... 

OK so for the shoot, they will be in charge. 

The US team didn't do that well in terms of being true to their theme of British Royalty mixed with Punk but Laura and Azmarie did well whilst the UK team styling was good but was in total disorganisation.

The UK team has only twelve minutes left to get Louise' shot done so she starts running around. Kelly does not like it as it causes 'chaos' and tells her not to run which pisses Louise off. Kelly tells her to stay calm and not to run around.

Louise has three minutes to pull the shot and gets a very strong photo.

The girls also get to pick which shot they present to panel which I think is one of their biggest advantages (given previous dodgy selections on cycles)...

At panel, despite her chaotic leadership, Kelly says she respects her energy and Cat Deeley liked her photo for appealing to the demographic. Sophie and Catherine were praised for their photo. Ashley was critiqued for being too posed. Alisha picked a photo with her legs cropped even though those were her 'superpowers'. 

AND NOW THE LOUISE DRAMA... Nigel comments on her photo being 'mean' which Louise jokes by blowing a raspberry and says 'I feel like I can't win' (I understand her comment to be of a humourous nature). Kelly makes a snide remark. Nigel seems to help by reminding her it might be good to just accept comments graciously. Kelly tells Louise that she felt she was rude, which Louise defends and calls Kelly out for being rude. Tyra tells her there's a heirarchy in the industry and she needs to know her place.

Louise is still acting professionally by saying 'she understands the heirarchy'... Cat tells her how important it is and as Louise shakes her head and Cat points it out, Louise breaks down and runs out and declares she wants to go home. Urgh. 

OK I think she has every right to be pissed at the show and she doesn't want to take the crap anymore but she should know what she's signed onto and if I was her, I'd be professional and hold my ground. If I get cut, I get cut knowing I stayed true to myself... now she just looks weak... AND angry and have an attitude problem. I think her rage outside was uncalled for and definitely not right. 

See it for yourself:

THOUGH, the video Kelly posted of Louise calling her names was really unprofessional and bitchy. Smh.  

Anyway... Louise has left now... and Tyra defends by saying "The critique on the show is meant to be constructive" LOL. 

Most of the US girls got good critique especially Laura and Azmarie. Eboni was too sexy and Candace's picture was not good. At all.

At deliberation, the judges liked Louise' photo. Kelly points out that Annaliese's personality compensates for a lack of modelling skills. 

So I have a feeling Sophie might get first call out though it was tough between Azmarie, Catherine and Laura. In the bottom will be Candace and maybe Eboni or even Ashley.

First call out goes to...

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Ringer Season 1 Episode 18 Recap

OK WOW. So Brigette enlists the help of Solomon to try to find Malcolm- they steal the security tapes from his hotel to discover that Andrew paid him a visit and suspect that he has killed him.

Olivia finds nothing of use on Tyler's USB and suspects that someone must have swapped it, suspecting Siobhan. Brigette looks for the phone that has kept her safe from her hitman early in the season but it is missing. Andrew thought she was looking for the USB and accuses her but she knew nothing.

Siobhan tells Henry the truth about why she did the whole thing, wanting revenge on Brigette for killing her son and also to have a happy life with Henry, revealing that Andrew was the one who tried to kill her and now wants Brigette dead.

Machado returns to New York to find Malcolm missing and asks at Martin Charles. When he goes to the hotel, he finds that Andrew has been there before him asking for security tapes. He suspects Andrew knows more than he is letting on, and upon receiving news of Tyler Barratt's death, pursues.

Juliet meets a guy in her mother's hotel and falls for him only to find that it was the same guy who attacked Tessa. She realises that her mother was the one who paid him.

Henry lures Brigette away from Andrew's office, whilst Siobhan goes to pretend to be Brigette as Siobhan, telling Andrew that she doesn't love him anymore and that he and Olivia deserve to be in jail. Olivia overhears and leaves town.

Henry never shows and Brigette gets a text from Malcolm telling her to go to the loft. She goes with Solomon. As he is checking out the roof, Andrew approaches Brigette and tells her that he will do whatever it takes to make it right. Someone in the shadows appears and fires a shot at Brigette, but Andrew takes it for her.


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bourrasque by Paul Cocksedge

'Bourrasque' is a beautiful light installation sited in the grand courtyard of Lyon’s Hotel de Ville for the city's annual festival of light. The installation explores the idea of paper flying in the wind. "The 200 A3-sized sheets are made from electroluminescent (EL) material, a technology which has recently advanced rapidly to produce a range of sophisticated colour temperatures, in thin and extremely flexible sheets."

I think the composition is delicate and interesting and just really grabbed my attention due it being reminiscent of the recent installation we created using leaves suspended from a tree.

Check out more images below:


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