Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Ringer Season 1 Episode 15 Recap

OK this week has been mega intense so this is going to be a speedy recap.

Siobhan gets an ultrasound and discovers that she will be having twins, yes twins!! and also that it might actually be Andrew's children! Andrew proposes to Brigette and they decide to get their vows renewed, with Juliet being the maid of honour.
Whilst helping Henry with his computer problems, Malcolm finds the receipt for the movement of stuff from Siobhan's office. Brigette pays Henry a visit confronting him about it, but he leads her astray.

Henry tells Siobhan about Andrew and 'Siobhan's vow renewal and causes Siobhan to change her plans; she tells him to give Brigette a box of information about Martin Charles. Malcolm finds something fishy at Martin Charles and suspects Olivia, trying to dig deeper by following her to a small accountancy firm out of town.

Malcolm meets with Brigette and tells her that Martin Charles are working a Ponzi scheme.

Meanwhile, Juliet seeks help from her mother about Mr Carpenter's threat. Catherine visits Mr Carpenter and it turns out they're in on the scheme together... She tells him not to harm Juliet. 

Juliet later wants to tell Andrew about it all but Catherine persuades her not to, not before she showed Mr Carpenter the text and they decide to run away together. She double crosses him whilst he's in the shower and takes the money.

Brigette wants to be honest with Andrew and tells him that she knows about the Ponzi scheme and wants to support him as he cleans it up... then he reveals that the idea was not Olivia's, but his. BOOM.

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