Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Ringer Season 1 Episode 13 Recap

Finally managed to catch up to Ringer--- So last week Siobhan revealed to Henry that Bridget is living her life with Andrew- which is basically the crux of this whole show... what will they do? Will her cover be blown? :W We will find out!!

Brigette continues to investigate by seeking out Solomon, who takes her to 'her office'. In it she finds a a key. Siobhan is hiding in the closet and wants those keys but Brigette takes them. Brigette then goes to a book store and finds a note Siobhan left which reads 'I wish I could forgive my sister'. 

Meanwhile, Siobhan is seeking reconciliation with Henry and makes up the fact that their life swap was all Brigette's idea so she could have some time to work things out and to get Andrew's money. Tyler calls Siobhan only to be intercepted by Henry. She makes an excuse to both of them to keep them happy. Tyler reveals that he cannot keep it up much longer.

Siobhan sneaks into the apartment to steal the key back. Andrew walks in and they share an awkward kiss before she awkwardly runs away.

Olivia blackmails Henry into making his father in law invest in Martin Charles. He does so, only for him to discover that Siobhan was about to reveal some information about Andrew's company which will result in his father in law losing a lot of money.

Interweaved between this plot is the continuation of Juliet's lawsuit against Mr Carpenter. She struggles to keep a consistent testimony and on the day of the trial discovers that Tessa lied about being raped by Mr Carpenter and that the case has to be dropped.

Mr Carpenter then sues Andrew for defamation and they decide to settle, making Mr Carpenter a very rich man. The episode ends with us seeing Tessa and Juliet celebrate, and Mr Carpenter walks in... IT WAS ALL A CON. WHAT!!!!!! 

Next episode sees the girls flaunt their newfound wealth and an apparent meeting between Siobhan and Brigette. Whether this is in fact in the present or in the past is yet to be revealed, though given it was a funeral, I'm guessing it was Siobhan's child which Brigette ran over? Hmm...

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