Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ringer Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

OK this episode dealt with SOO much... Both Siobhan and Bridget are moving very quickly and finding things out about each other so there is a lot to cover... but first, Siobhan goes to Henry to try to tell him the truth, but has to rush off, asking him to meet her for dinner. Having obtained the information from Andrew's computer, she asks Tyler to help her with a still unknown plan.

Bridget calls hotel Pivoine in Paris to discover that she was there with a man, which she discovers to be Tyler and calls him puzzlingly. He then calls real Siobhan and she finds out that Bridget knows.

Siobhan sells the ring she stole from Bridget which gets tracked and Andrew confronts Bridget about it. They both puzzle over who stole the ring. Siobhan uses the money from the ring to buy a fake passport, but realising that Bridget is onto her as she called Tyler, she asks for it in another name.

Henry sees Siobhan leave the alleyway and finds the passport in Cora Farrell's name and takes it to Machado. At dinner, upon Siobhan's arrival, Henry leaves and Machado is there. After a fingerprint scan, he finds that it is indeed Siobhan and interrogates her without getting much of an answer.

Meanwhile, Juliet's mother comes to stay as she needs support for what happened but after seeing surveillance footage of Juliet flirting with Mr Carpenter, she goes crazy and blames it all on Juliet. 

At the end of the episode, Siobhan tells Henry she wants to show him something and takes him outside her apartment, witnessing Bridget get out of a cab, and she tells him that is Bridget.

That bully from Juliet's school whose name I've forgotten turns up and tells Juliet that Mr Carpenter also forced himself on her. BOOM.

So what happens now? Will Bridget's cover be blown by Andrew and Siobhan? Is it too early for it to be blown? OMG what will happen? Can't wait for next week's episode!

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