Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Ringer Season 1 Episode 11 Recap

RINGER IS BACK!! And Siobhan is back in New York. Bridget-Siobhan goes to dinner with an old friend who witnessed her affair with Henry and tries to make things right between them by helping her with a fundraiser. 

Siobhan runs into Henry and discovers they're no longer together but she wants to rekindle the relationship. She asks him to meet him later on.

Siobhan tries to hack into Andrew's computer at work but could not get the password, and tries at home, running into Andrew and Bridget-Siobhan's intimate moment and subsequently stealing her ring. The delay meant that she couldn't meat with Henry.

Juliet finally tells Bridget-Siobhan at the fundraiser about what happened between her and Mr Carpenter and Bridget-Siobhan punches him and asks him to leave. Henry confronts Bridget-Siobhan about the other day which confuses her. Siobhan's old friend tells Bridget about what happened in the past and tells her about a hotel, which is likely to be the one Siobhan was staying at in Paris.

Siobhan goes to Henry's house and he is conflicted, realising that the person he met with yesterday was not the same one now, asking who she really is. And it cuts! I have a feeling she might pretend to be Bridget, as I doubt she'd reveal her sister's true identity just yet... but we'll see.

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