Saturday, 18 February 2012

Jane by Design Season 1 Episode 7 (The Teen Model) Recap

Finally catching up on last week's TV... 

On Jane by Design, Jane is given the task of looking after out of control teen model Piper Grace, whilst being grounded for staying out late without telling Ben. With Nick inviting her to a party to work on their 'timing', Jane has more on her plate than ever before.

After Piper trashes a hotel room, Jane takes her back home and convinces Ben to let her stay. But when Piper overhears their conversation and discovers that Jane is still a high school student, she threatens to rat her out unless she takes her to school with her and let her experience life as a normal teen.

Making a grand entrance and enjoying life as a popular girl, Piper hears about Nick's party and threatens Jane to take her, despite her being grounded. Jane defies Ben's orders and takes her. Billy's brother also arrives at the party and causes trouble for Billy; they are both made to leave.

Jane stays to help Nick clean up after the party having lost Piper again and they share an intimate moment until Ben comes and takes her home. 

Piper ends up being with Billy's brother Tommy and she attends the photoshoot on time and thanks Jane at the end for giving her the taste of normal life...

Overall, an ok episode some awww moments for Nick and Jane but nothing amazing. However, NEXT WEEK's promo looks really good! India is back and causes more havoc (which I love seeing) and seems like something explosive is going to happen!!

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