Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 6 (The Image Issue) Recap

Episode 6 sees Jane challenging India on her proposal about what young peoples' trends are, taking her to her school where she asks her fellow classmates what inspires them and what trends they like, which Gray really likes and causes India to be furious.

Recognising Billy and suspecting that Jane faked the whole video footage, India goes to Jane's school to investigate, causing Jane's double life to be nearly revealed.

Meanwhile, Billy changes his image and look to try and impress Lulu's dad and to his surprise also turns heads at school despite Jane not liking the new look.

Jane and Nick share another intimate moment as they try to hide from India and Jeremy (who has been roped in by India to investigate) and later share a kiss as well (yessss)! 

India finally relents after a quick thinking Jane outwits her.

Rita and Ben also go on a date together.

Check out more pics and gifs below:


India trying to please Rita

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