Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Jane by Design Season 1 Episode 5 (The Lookbook) Recap

Amidst rumours that Gray is about to lose her job, Jane is asked to look after the Donovan Decker lookbook and take it to Gray who is in Paris immediately. Lacking an excuse, Jane tells Ben that she is sleeping over at Lulu's, and asks Billy to convince Lulu to cover for her.

Jane, not wanting to take her eyes off the look book, sits out dodgeball and share a moment with Nick, comfirming that he was on a date with Ashley, whilst she clarified that hers was strictly a work dinner. 

Ben speaks to Rita and she raises suspicions about Jane and Lulu's sleepover. Despite risking her social status, Lulu covers for Jane. 

With a few hours left to go until Paris, Jane gets her things ready, only to discover the one thing missing was her look book. Panicking, she phones Billy who sacrifices a week of detention in order to help her look: at school, at the taxi depot... and they share an intimate moment.

Returning to Donovan Decker with no hope, India brings her the look book stating that not even this could save Gray's job, and hers. 

Flying to Paris and handing over the book to Gray, Gray tells her that she has just been promoted to creative director and great things lie ahead for the both of them. With the remaining time in Paris, Jane enjoys a boat tour and the beauty of the Eiffel Tower, whilst on the phone to Billy.

Also in this episode we are introduced to Billy's brother who tries to get him on another job but Billy is reluctant.

I really think that the Billy and Jane friendship is being blown to too great a proportion- he would drop everything and go to Jane's rescue, but is hesitant at Lulu. I think Lulu also is making a great sacrifice and she could easily have just blown Jane's cover, but for love she would do it. Ben and Rita are also a likely couple, and I'm starting to really like Rita- she is so funny haha... 

And I need this Nick and Jane awkwardness to just be over- you know they both like each other!!

NEXT WEEK: Jane's cover is blown. India finds her at her school...!! WHAT WILL HAPPEN!!?!??!! I have a feeling India may try to blackmail Jane to scheme for her. We will see!!!

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