Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Ringer Season 1 Episode 15 Recap

OK this week has been mega intense so this is going to be a speedy recap.

Siobhan gets an ultrasound and discovers that she will be having twins, yes twins!! and also that it might actually be Andrew's children! Andrew proposes to Brigette and they decide to get their vows renewed, with Juliet being the maid of honour.
Whilst helping Henry with his computer problems, Malcolm finds the receipt for the movement of stuff from Siobhan's office. Brigette pays Henry a visit confronting him about it, but he leads her astray.

Henry tells Siobhan about Andrew and 'Siobhan's vow renewal and causes Siobhan to change her plans; she tells him to give Brigette a box of information about Martin Charles. Malcolm finds something fishy at Martin Charles and suspects Olivia, trying to dig deeper by following her to a small accountancy firm out of town.

Malcolm meets with Brigette and tells her that Martin Charles are working a Ponzi scheme.

Meanwhile, Juliet seeks help from her mother about Mr Carpenter's threat. Catherine visits Mr Carpenter and it turns out they're in on the scheme together... She tells him not to harm Juliet. 

Juliet later wants to tell Andrew about it all but Catherine persuades her not to, not before she showed Mr Carpenter the text and they decide to run away together. She double crosses him whilst he's in the shower and takes the money.

Brigette wants to be honest with Andrew and tells him that she knows about the Ponzi scheme and wants to support him as he cleans it up... then he reveals that the idea was not Olivia's, but his. BOOM.

Monday, 27 February 2012

The Oscars 2012 Red Carpet

Was definitely not too enthused about this year's Oscars filmwise, and the red carpet also lacked any true 'wow' moments for me. Whilst some did look divine, such as Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace and Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli, it did not compare at all to the Oscars Red Carpet of 2011.

Natalie Portman in vintage Dior, Rooney Mara in Givenchy, Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford, Meryl Streep in Lanvin, Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen...

Who did you think have the best Oscar outfit?

Sunday, 26 February 2012

New York Cardboard Installations by Clemens Behr


Clemens Behr has been creating intricate cardboard sculptures in different cities around the world. In New York, these are dynamic life size pieces which interact within their environment of East Village, China Town, Soho and Brooklyn. 

At times these sculptures seem almost animate and living, the way they are photographed. The alien forms react very well to their surroundings. He has yet to come to London, so maybe one day... :)

Check out more images below:

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Allison Harvard for Chromat's SS2012 Look Book

Not only did Allison recently walk in New York Fashion Week for Gemma Kahng and Malan Breton, but she's also featured in Chromat's Spring/Summer 2012 Look book inspired by Disney shapes, forms, colours and patterns.

This kind of cutesy yet high fashion job seems perfect for Allison! 

Check out more images below:

Friday, 24 February 2012

Cocoon Lamp by Voxel Studio

The beautifully designed cocoon lamp by Voxel Studio features a glowing internal body surrounded by an organic exterior, a dynamic piece of lighting that can be placed in different positions. I love this sculptural piece of furniture- looks stunning :)

Check out more images below:

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Ringer Season 1 Episode 14 Recap

This episode of Ringer was unfortunately more of a 'filler' episode, filling in the gaps of what happened to Siobhan's son Sean and only slightly progressing Juliet's storyline.

Brigette enropes Malcolm's help and returns to Siobhan's secret office to find everything gone- they speculate that someone must've been there, stole the mysterious key and now removed everything. Juliet's mother pleads with Andrew to let Juliet move to Miami to be with her for a while.

She gets a phone call about sending flowers to 'Main street', an address she found in Siobhan's office last week and decides to go for a visit, only to discover it is the house of Sean's grandmother, and she quickly leaves. The memories of Sean come to haunt her throughout the episode and she decides she agrees that Juliet should get a change of surroundings.

At school, Tessa comes in with a 50k SUV and draws a lot of attention to herself. Juliet gets upset and tells Mr Carpenter about it. He tells her he will 'take care of it'. The next day at school, Juliet finds out that Tessa has been robbed and left in a coma. Juliet feels really guilty and suspects Mr Carpenter.  

Dylan (Misha Collins), Sean's father, pays Siobhan a visit telling her to stay out of his life and his mother's. Brigette yells at him asking him to leave, still not forgiving him for Sean's death. Brigette pays him a visit to see that he is happily married with a daughter and is about to throw a brick through the window when Malcolm stops her. 

She goes over and tells him that she forgives him the next day. On the phone to Malcolm, she tells him that she wants to be Brigette again and not have to do all the things she's doing as Siobhan, that hopefully she will not lose the people she love.

Henry wants to cash out of Martin Charles, knowing the company is soon to collapse, whilst under Siobhan's instruction to watch over Malcolm. Malcolm sees the key that was stolen from Brigette to be in Henry's possession.

Mr Carpenter pulls Juliet to one side and gets aggressive. She calls someone telling them that 'their plan has failed' and she needs them to help her. The final scene sees her telling someone about Tessa and how the plan is falling apart... to which Juliet's mother sits down and tells her everything will be ok.

BOOM. Not the best Ringer episode and the plot twist a bit predictable, but next week seems good- Siobhan is going to have twins and they could possibly be Andrew's? Juliet's mother seduces Mr Carpenter? Andrew and Brigette renew their wedding vows... hmm...

Jane by Design Season 1 Episode 8 (The Wedding Gown) Recap

Jane wants Billy and Nick to bond and decides to hang out together but as she goes into work and is asked by socialite Charlotte Whitmore (Autumn Reeser who played Taylor Townsend in the OC) what she thought of Donovon Decker's wedding dress, she is forced to tell the truth about it being too 'clumsy'. 

With only 24 hours to come up with a new design, Jane has to miss meeting Nick and Billy and spends the night helping with coming up with a design. India finds Jane's finished drawing and takes it to Jeremy, claiming it as her own... which causes uproar when Jane finds out. 

Meanwhile, Billy and Nick have a very awkward time together until they start playing pool and begin to bond, but end up in a fight with two Adam's, who Nick will be playing against in the next day's baseball game.

Once the dress is finished, Jane is asked to try it on being the only one around the same height as Charlotte and she discovers that she was inspired by her mother's wedding dress, proof that she designed it. Jeremy asks India why she did it and then breaks up with her. India calls [Richard] who sent her a bunch of flowers earlier on in the episode which India throws in the bin, wanting to develop her relationship with Jeremy.

Jane decides no to rat India out to Gray.

Charlotte returns the next day to see the dress and loves it. Jane makes it on time to Nick's baseball game... seems like things are finally working out for Jane!! 

Next week seems intense as Jane has to choose between love and her career, with Nick potentially kissing Lulu!? WTH nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Happy Pancake Day ^ ^ 
Those were the pancakes I made today- now sooooo full from them :3

Ringer Season 1 Episode 13 Recap

Finally managed to catch up to Ringer--- So last week Siobhan revealed to Henry that Bridget is living her life with Andrew- which is basically the crux of this whole show... what will they do? Will her cover be blown? :W We will find out!!

Brigette continues to investigate by seeking out Solomon, who takes her to 'her office'. In it she finds a a key. Siobhan is hiding in the closet and wants those keys but Brigette takes them. Brigette then goes to a book store and finds a note Siobhan left which reads 'I wish I could forgive my sister'. 

Meanwhile, Siobhan is seeking reconciliation with Henry and makes up the fact that their life swap was all Brigette's idea so she could have some time to work things out and to get Andrew's money. Tyler calls Siobhan only to be intercepted by Henry. She makes an excuse to both of them to keep them happy. Tyler reveals that he cannot keep it up much longer.

Siobhan sneaks into the apartment to steal the key back. Andrew walks in and they share an awkward kiss before she awkwardly runs away.

Olivia blackmails Henry into making his father in law invest in Martin Charles. He does so, only for him to discover that Siobhan was about to reveal some information about Andrew's company which will result in his father in law losing a lot of money.

Interweaved between this plot is the continuation of Juliet's lawsuit against Mr Carpenter. She struggles to keep a consistent testimony and on the day of the trial discovers that Tessa lied about being raped by Mr Carpenter and that the case has to be dropped.

Mr Carpenter then sues Andrew for defamation and they decide to settle, making Mr Carpenter a very rich man. The episode ends with us seeing Tessa and Juliet celebrate, and Mr Carpenter walks in... IT WAS ALL A CON. WHAT!!!!!! 

Next episode sees the girls flaunt their newfound wealth and an apparent meeting between Siobhan and Brigette. Whether this is in fact in the present or in the past is yet to be revealed, though given it was a funeral, I'm guessing it was Siobhan's child which Brigette ran over? Hmm...

Monday, 20 February 2012

Birmingham Photography (2012)

Did some photography in Birmingham on my trip there visiting a friend and was surprised at the amount of art and architecture that was of interest! The modern and iconic Bullring with the soon to be completed library, as well as the cube contrasts against the Town Hall and the Museum.

Check out more images below:

Birmingham Day Trip (Feb 2012)

Went to visit my friend in Birmingham on Saturday - had a good catchup and just went around looking at the architecture (some of which will do my lecturer's proud)! 

Ofc visited the Bullring, Town Hall, the Canal, the new library which is still under construction, the Symphony Hall where auditions for Britain's got Talent were taking place and I think we papped some of the auditionees LOL

Visited Chinatown- shopped at bakery (Yes egg tart!!) Had dinner at a Chinese Restaurant where the dish was huge but the rice was small so only really ate 1/3 of the dish- thankfully I could take the rest back to uni which will last me another day or two- yay!

Also had bubble tea afterwards in a cutesy bakery type place :)

Check out more photos below:

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Luminous Field by Luftwerk

Luftwerk has turned Anish Kapoor's 'Cloud Gate' in Chicago's Millenium Park into an interactive playground/ stage of performance. Their exploration of light, material and surface is extremely interesting- how it reflects off the mirrored sculpture as well as creating its own surface for people to interact with.

I think this type of art is something that seems to be catching on: using light to distort/ manipulate and change perspectives/surfaces... for example Prisma 1666 by Wonwei and Folds by Robert Seidel.

Check out the video below:

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Jane by Design Season 1 Episode 7 (The Teen Model) Recap

Finally catching up on last week's TV... 

On Jane by Design, Jane is given the task of looking after out of control teen model Piper Grace, whilst being grounded for staying out late without telling Ben. With Nick inviting her to a party to work on their 'timing', Jane has more on her plate than ever before.

After Piper trashes a hotel room, Jane takes her back home and convinces Ben to let her stay. But when Piper overhears their conversation and discovers that Jane is still a high school student, she threatens to rat her out unless she takes her to school with her and let her experience life as a normal teen.

Making a grand entrance and enjoying life as a popular girl, Piper hears about Nick's party and threatens Jane to take her, despite her being grounded. Jane defies Ben's orders and takes her. Billy's brother also arrives at the party and causes trouble for Billy; they are both made to leave.

Jane stays to help Nick clean up after the party having lost Piper again and they share an intimate moment until Ben comes and takes her home. 

Piper ends up being with Billy's brother Tommy and she attends the photoshoot on time and thanks Jane at the end for giving her the taste of normal life...

Overall, an ok episode some awww moments for Nick and Jane but nothing amazing. However, NEXT WEEK's promo looks really good! India is back and causes more havoc (which I love seeing) and seems like something explosive is going to happen!!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Bromilia House by Urban Recycle Architecture Studio

Bromilia House in Brazil, designed by Urban Recycle Architecture Studio is a beautiful and modern approach to the user needs as well as being sustainable.

"The program requested by the customer has been attended, and therefore the house is characterized, on first floor, by: wide living-room, American kitchen, stairs, sink and service area. On second floor instead, arranged a double room with integrated bathroom, two bedrooms, a common bathroom, an hall and a terrace."

"In order to reduce the overall construction costs, it has been chosen to use light and industrial materials, assembled with simple techniques characterized by easy and quick execution, both for the interior and for the exterior of the building. For what regards the structure, it has been used a concrete/steel mixed system." Via Archdaily.

Check out more images below:

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Suspended Leaf Installation

Finished Piece
The isolated pine tree became our focal point as it was the only one of its type on our site. Our immediate impression was that the tree was being ‘suffocated’ by the other trees, evoking a pre-existing feeling of being enclosed. Standing beneath the tree itself, the soft pine needles underfoot was soft, whilst the low branches offered shelter and calm.

Inspired by the works of Andy Goldsworthy, his method of letting nature alter his work and Cornelia Parker’s suspension technique, we wanted to create a barrier or enclosure surrounding the pine tree by suspending leaves, transforming the supposed tranquility into a dramatic chaos, whilst exploring the way nature interacts with and decomposes our sculpture over time. 


Our design explored different elements of composition. As our focus is on a natural form, we wanted an organic shape which would be radial and asymmetric opposed to the linear forms I created whilst exploring composition. The result was a shallow and spiraling curve of leaves from the base of the tree, resembling a vortex and when leaves are blown by the wind. 

Design Sketches
A sign was developed to further embrace our artistic vision. With a frame made of pine and planks of birch plywood forming the face, joined together by finger joints. This man made, rigid and linear artifact juxtaposed against our organic sculpture creates a fascinating contrast in form as well as process: weaving natural leaves by hand compared to making the sign by sawing, drilling and screwing processed wood. 

The leaves collected were dead and decaying from species of trees which surrounded this pine to further instigate this idea of ‘suffocation’. We decided to use fishing wire which in itself is an illusion used for fishing; the invisible element aids in creating an additional enclosure or ‘trap’ which is not seen until the viewer is engulfed by it. 

 Suspension Details

As the lower branches of the tree rather flexible, it enhanced our sculpture by giving it fluidity and the ability to be moved, affected and shaped by the wind. Whilst the chains are attached rather firmly by vertical threads, individual leaves are also hung from the mesh- these being free to move and be distorted.

Our sculpture was successful in evoking a playful, yet dramatic response and over the period of the week, the effects of the wind were clearly visible, reshaping our man-made sculpture, destroying the unnatural composition and returning it to nature.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Clockwork Love by Tjep

Since it's Valentines day I thought I'd post something vaguely related... These beautiful and intricate paper sculptures are part of a jewellery series by Tjep called 'Clockwork Love'.

"The main body of this collection consists of 6 timepieces expressing different 'heart moods' through the liberal use of symbolic references, the collection of pendants link up to such themes as fragility, passion, uncertainty and desire." via Tjep.

Check out more images below:

Taylor Swift 'Safe and Sound' Official Music Video

The video for Taylor Swift's song for 'The Hunger Games' has just been released.

Dressed in white and barefoot, Swift is seen treading along in woods and fields, an isolated world not too disimilar to the woods Katniss hunts in. The mellow, emotive atmosphere of the video was beautiful- a subdued loneliness which could very well be when Katniss has left for the games, though personally feel it should best be played when Katniss mourns for Rue.

Swift also resembles an innocent Prim, and when she finds the Mockingjay pin in that house I was just like Arghhhh!!! Anyway, it was a beautiful video and I can't wait to see the movie!

Check out the video below:


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