Sunday, 15 January 2012

'What's Your Number' Film Review

It's always nice to find a mindless comedy to watch and 'What's Your Number' is just that.
Ally (Anna Faris) is a woman who has been sleeping around and upon reading in a magazine that a woman who has had more than 20 partners will fail to have a healthy relationship, she seeks out her exes in hope of rekindling a lasting relationship without going over that number. 

With the help of her almost-always-naked neighbour Colin (Chris Evans, showing off his body from recent Captain America), in exchange for bailing him out of a one night stand with women who stay too long, they find her exes only to discover that true love might be closer than they thought.

OK. so its a very typical storyline and you can predict the outcome from the beginning- even in the trailer it pretty much tells you. But the process is worth the watching. 

I found that the setup was immensely quick and the pacing was great- never did you feel bored or checked to see when it was over. Whilst there were a few cringy jokes/scenes, it didn't detract from the whole plot. One of my favourite scenes would be when she was faking a British accent to one of her exes.

As with all rom-coms, the 'fall-out' in this film was really stupid and somewhat forced. Neither character REALLY wants to fight, but they had to for formula's sake, making the finale 'declaration of love' slightly watered down. There was nothing really big to have to forgive anyway- so I guess they can easily forget. 

Anna Faris- Ally Darling
Chris Evans- Colin Shea

Also stars Ari Graynor, Blythe Danner, Zachary Quinto and Dave Annable.

Anna Faris is great in comedic roles and here she is no different. Believable, funny and likeable, you are really on her side- though to believe she is the 'older' sister is a bit farfetched. Chris Evans takes a leap from his recent Superhero flicks 'Captain America' and 'The Avengers' into a more comedic role, in which he holds his own.

~~~OVERALL 3.5/5~~~
'What's Your Number' is a funny film and it was mindless entertainment. With modern films, there seems to be a strange need to put nudity in it and I felt that the nudity in this film was a bit excessive and unecessary. Did one of Colin's girls really need to be topless? NO. Did Colin himself need to be naked for 50% of the movie? NO. I hate that films nowadays rely on such methods to draw audiences when the film itself (script/directing/cast) themselves should do it. This was one of those films that would've still been good without the nudity. Shame.

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