Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Jane by Design Season 1 Episode 4 (The Finger Bowl) Recap

Stunned by the relationship of Billy and Lulu, Jane freezes him out. Billy and Lulu flaunt themselves around the school, but Lulu hasn't told her father yet and her friend warns her about it.

Still quizzed by why Nick hasn't spoken to her since the dance, Jane's brother Ben who coaches Nick tells her to go find him at the baseball grounds. Jane apologises for leaving the dance and tells him that she did come back, but he was gone. She promises to make it up to him and he agrees.

At Donovan Decker, the task of impressing Miyoko Sato, editor of 'Modern Empress' magazine is of the utmost importance. With Gray's job at stake, Jane is asked to ensure they obtain that cover, as they have never managed to in the past.

Despite the initial repulse, Miyoko gives Jeremy another chance after Jane speaks to her by arranging a formal dinner. Jane breaks so many dining etiquette rules (drinking out of the finger bowl lol) that it actually reminds Miyoko of her younger self. Impressed by Jane's honesty, Jane takes her to a more 'relaxed' environment and treat her to a large burger, which she enjoys, and thus securing the deal.

At the restaurant, Jane bumps into Nick who is dining with another girl and there is an awkward moment between them both. Aww the look on her face!! Did he lie about 'practice' to meet this girl? Hmm... I dearly hope it's his cousin or something.

Ben also seems to be falling for Rita and vice versa.

Back at home, Billy waits for Jane and they make up.

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