Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

For her good work last episode for the preview line, Gray gives Jane a birkin, as a 'bag is supposed to reflect who you are'. With it, a list of things to do before she gets back from an auction- including breaking up with Brad.

India gets jealous of Jane and despite trying to be honest to Gray, Gray tells her 'you're no Jane', causing her rage and sabotage Jane, sending an invite to a party at Gray's house, where the trunk show is being held.

At school, Jane's brother Ben starts his first day at work, Jane is tied for top student with none other than Lulu and Nick has not spoken to her since the dance. And to top it off, she has a test tomorrow which will likely influence who gets top pupil.

With Billy's help, Jane gets all the tasks on the list done, except one- break up with Brad.

At Gray's house for a trunk show, everything is going according to plan until Brad shows up. As she is leading Brad to Gray's bedroom, the partygoers arrive and trash her house. Jane calls Billy for help and together, they clean the house just before Gray arrives.

But she forgot about Brad. Gray enters  her bedroom to discover Brad naked on her bed with rose petals. The next day, Gray is disappointed in Jane and takes back the Birkin.

Lulu flunks the test and declares to Billy that she wants to be with him regardless of her dad or her friends knowing. The show ends with Billy saying: 'I have to tell Jane'. We'll see how that goes!!

No Matt Atkinson this week but he'll be back next episode and perhaps this clip from the preview will be in next episode! Can't wait. :)

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