Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Jane by Design Episode 2 (The Runway) Recap

OK hit me on the head or whatever you want to do but I watched the second ep of Jane by Design... and liked it. *cowers and hides*.

Episode 2 sees Jane take charge of Gray's preview line ready for the preview party on Saturday, which is on the same night as their school's Winter formal. Taking some ill advice from India results in Gray being disappointed by her styling, but she gives Jane another chance. 

Despite avoiding Jeremy after seeing him with India, she accepts his help in styling the line and the two share a moment where Jeremy declares his relationship with India is 'over'. Back at school, heartthrob Nick asks Jane to the dance and she couldn't say no, despite not being able to make both events. 

With best friend Billy at hand, she decides to go to both events given they are across the road and should be able to make it with a quick change in the bathroom. Altering her mother's prom dress, Jane fashions it into something truly sublime and looked wonderful in it. 

At first, Jane manages to tackle both events at once, but as the fashion show nears, she accidentally goes back to the preview party wearing her pink dress... and coincidentally one of the gowns in the line 'breaks', so predictably, Jane's mesmerising gown is used as the finale dress and WOWS everyone. 

Gray is impressed with her daring-ness and finally gets her name right. With everything seemingly going fantastically, Jane returns to her school dance, but finds that it's over- the scene with the balloons on the floor and her all alone was so sad- was it just me or did anyone else want Nick to just pop out and they can have a moment alone together? but nope... noone's there. As she walks out, there Billy is waiting with the car, ready to take her home. Aww. What are friends for?

Whilst super predictable, Jane still manages to woo audiences with her quirk. What is beginning to become evident is Jane's desire to become a designer and with her design becoming such an success so early on, how will they drag out the show in making her 'assistant' for longer? 

Another thing is her love life. Whilst it is apparent Nick and Jeremy like her, I can't help but think she will end up with her best friend Billy- they are most intimate and he is always there for her which is sweet but they should just stay friends imo. I'm on team Nick and Jane :P

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  1. I just got turned on to this show by a friend and am catching up on episodes...I really like the concept, it reminds me a little bit of that plot device in Arrested Development where Maeby conned her way into a job as a studio exec. One great thing I like about this show is that it actually has great fashion (unlike a lot of shows I won't name that are centered around people in the fashion world). Finally, I really loved how in this episode they used “Such A Long Time” by Nicholas Ruth (played right when Jane gets back to the dance) I really love that song and it fit so well


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