Monday, 2 January 2012

Inflatable Spaces by Penique Productions

Penique Productions re-creates wonderful architectural spaces by covering it with inflated plastic. I love the idea and how wonderful it would be to walk through a familiar space which has been distorted in this way. The shape and form of the building would remain, but would it still be the same place? Hmm...

The projects include the creation of color inflatable completely occupy spaces erected by others, giving them a new identity. A simplification of the space that unifies the shapes and textures, creating a different atmosphere. The balloons are constructed from regular patterns and adjust to the specific characteristics of each location. It works the relationship between fullness and emptiness, creating a dialogue with the space it inhabits temporarily. Limits are modified and adapted to, the audience experiences from within this new space ephemeral. By swelling the lines of the building used to acquire their shape and color varies according to context. New forms are drawn through the folds and volume.” - Penique productions.

 Check out more images below:

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