Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Golden Globes 2012 Awards Red Carpet


Last Night's Golden Globes were certainly a bit disappointing, both in terms of awards and fashion. Firstly, I have hardly heard of most of the films nominated, let alone seen them, though I'm starting to watch them now, ready for the Oscars. Secondly, the fashion was all a bit flat- compared to last year anyway.

However, there were a few highlights. Firstly BEST DRESSED goes to Charlize Theron in a beautiful Dior gown- no wonder she's the face of the brand! I also really liked Sarah Michelle Gellar's dress, though many disliked it- and Tilda Swinton looked edgy as did Rooney Mara (though hated her hair).

Lea Michele also looked wonderful in Marchesa, in a gown very similar to what Rachel McAdams wore to her Midnight in Paris premiere at Cannes. And I'm very much on the fence with new hit comedy 'New Girl' star Zooey Deschanel- it's different, it's cute, but I just don't like it?

Natalie Portman shows off her post-baby body, though here is where they start to get boring- as did Mila Kunis, they both looked so much better during last year's awards, probably because they were acually nominated forsomething :/ but still...

On the men's front, they all looked pretty similar in tux but the stand out of the evening had to be Joseph Gordon Levitt's 'out-there' bow tie (love love love) and Leonardo DiCaprio looked suave.

Check out the list of winners below as well as my ramblings during the red carpet live stream.

Golden Globe Winners

Best Drama
The Descendants
Best Comedy/Musical
The Artist
Best Animated Film
The Adventures Of Tintin
Best Foreign Language Film
A Separation
Best Actor – Drama
The Descendants, George Clooney
Best Actor – Comedy/Musical
The Artist, Jean Dujardin
Best Supporting Actor In A Motion Picture
Beginners, Christopher Plummer
Best Actress In A Drama
The Iron Lady, Meryl Streep
Best Actress In A Comedy/Musical
My Week With Marilyn, Michelle Williams
Best Supporting Actress In A Motion Picture
The Help, Octavia Spencer
Best Director
Hugo, Martin Scorsese
Best Screenplay For A Motion Picture
Midnight In Paris, Woody Allen
Best Original Score In A Motion Picture
The Artist, Ludovic Bource
Best Original Song In A Motion Picture
W.E., ‘Masterpiece’ by Madonna

Last Night's Red carpet live stream blogging thoughts:
Not here for Kelly Osbourne.
Claire Danes... Amanda Peet... are you kidding?
Someone relevant please...
chris colfer... not here for glee cast... maybe Lea michele but that's it
LOL noone knows who this woman is they had to ask... she's someone from "SAW 5". irrelevant...
I hear cheering! This better be good...
Nicole Richie... great.. = =
Ricky Gervais looked moody...
Don't know who this Ariel girl is but she's cute...
Finally someone relevant- the cast of New Girl... and Max Greenfield.. Where is Zooey!?
Why is there a dog on the red carpet- he's cute though

and we see George Clooney move swiftly by
and Ewan McGregor.. finally more relevant people
and George Clooney is back.. and gone
Octavia Spencer from The Help (though I'll remember her from Ugly Betty )
and Ricky Gervais is more smiley
Sarah Michelle Gellar looks stunning in Monique Lhuillier- can't wait for all new Ringer!

Paula Patton looks cute  in lemon
Unknown singer Mika Newton looked cute too
Andie McDowell is on the red carpet
George Clooney is back again...
Ben Kingsley.. how do I manage to recall all these names? gosh im sad.
Viggo Mortensen has arrived...hope he wins for 'A Dangerous Method'.
Elle Macpherson has arrived too - her dress is stunning
Rooney Mara has arrived looking edgy in black.. her hair however...
Is that Zooey Deschanel?
Viola Davis from The Help... where is Emma Stone?
OK that WAS Zooey Deschanel- love her hair don't like her dress (prada)
Jane Lynch looks scary
Seth Rogen. Meh
Michael Fassbender... keep them coming
OK Brangelina are on their way...
Charlize Theron- love the headgear... j'adore the Dior and the Cartier!
Salma Hayek is here
I see Clive Owen but what has he been in in 2011?
and Julianne Moore...
Heidi Klum is here too... but why?
Tilda Swinton looks amazing 
Matt Le Blanc... he ages so well.. *sarcasm*
Harrison Ford has arrived...
Channing Tatum- can't wait to see THE VOW
and Kate Winslet . good the star power is increasing
Mila Kunis looks good but not as good as last year (in Dior)
Natalie Portman looks great post- baby (in Lanvin)
Meryl Streep is here to win
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban is here
Reese Witherspoon is here and looking great in red Zac Posen
Diana Agron looks beautiful. the top half anyway
OK Lea Michele looks STUNNING in Marchesa
Colin Firth.. reminds me of last year
Emma Stone has arrived but where is Andrew..?
Leonardo DiCaprio is on his way in Armani
loving Joseph Gordon LEvitt's Bow Tie
Leonardo DiCaprio looks good on the red carpet
Jessica Alba looks beautifulin Gucci


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