Friday, 13 January 2012

Disney's 'Tangled Ever After' Short Film Review

So Beauty and the Beast 3D has finally been released which means people can now go see the 'Tangled Ever After' short that runs before it- probably the reason many will go see Beauty and the Beast! 

'Tangled Ever After' tells of Rapunzel and Eugene's wedding day- a beautiful spectacle of an event... but something goes wrong. Maximus loses the rings! Pascal and Maximus hunt the rings through the Kingdom and get in a bit of trouble... so will it be happy ever after for Rapunzel? Read on.

The short film was a hilarious little treat seeing Pascal and Maximus at their best- who knew chasing rings could be so hard!? If it isn't being chased by a man with a knife, it's being catapulted by an ice sculpture, being hit on the head with frying pans and running away from a wine flood... and that's not even half of it!

Poor Pascul and Maximus eventually save the day by returning the rings on time... even if they were a bit messy! A beautiful Happy Ever After for Rapunzel... now... where did that cake go?

Side Note: Was it just me or did anyone else want the two rings to float in by lantern?


  1. I still havent seen this, but Iam a huge fan of Disney, so I am sure I'd love it!!! :)


    1. It's lovely... one of my favourite Disney films for a LONG time.


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