Friday, 30 December 2011

Wellington Airport Passenger Terminal by Studio Pacific and Warren and Mahoney Architects


The Wellington Airport passenger terminal was redeveloped by Studio Pacific and Warren and Mahoney architects to optimise space and function as well as creating a visual landmark. 

Inspired by the curved indentations of airplane docks as well as the areas geological past, the terminal is beautifully designed and succeeds in their goal to create a sense of place. 

I love the use of materials and the way light interacts with the space.

Check out more images below:


  1. I'm amazed with this airport passenger terminal. It's very stylish and huge. I'd love to stay in that terminal. Waiting will never be an inconvenient experience with this kind of a passenger terminal.

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  2. This is an awesome airport passenger terminal. This must be a great place to stay while waiting for your next flight. I look forward to visiting this place.

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