Saturday, 3 December 2011

Taylor Swift 'Ours' Official Music Video

Taylor Swift just premiered her latest music video 'Ours' from her deluxe edition of 'Speak Now'.

In the video... Taylor works in a boring office where nothing works and nothing seems to go right, but is reminded of the memories of her and her boyfriend. She then goes to meet him at the airport presumably after a long time apart given he's in the army (which we're told from her video clip watching on the bus).

I felt the narrative was a bit strange for this one and doesn't quite flow as well but the colours/tone are once again beautiful in the video and she looks stunning even though she's supposedly wearing bland office wear.

I also like how her kitten also made a cameo appearance :3

Will this be her last music video off 'Speak Now'? It looks like it as the 'Speak Now' era is coming to an end as her tour just finished in the US and she has already written over 25 tracks for her new album, due for a 2012 release.

Watch the 'Ours' Video below:

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