Wednesday, 21 December 2011

'Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows' Film Review

Just went to see Sherlock Holmes 2 at the cinema and wow...

After a rather truncated opening scene with Holmes (Robert Downey Jr) and Adler (Rachel McAdams) being their usual playful way, much to my delight, as it links the first film to this superbly, it ends in her rather abrupt death by poisoning which I was distraught by.

With the early departure of McAdams from the film, I hated Moriarty (Jared Harris) even more, though I had no idea what he was up to...

So it is the eve of Watson (Jude Law)'s singlehood and Holmes takes him out on a 'stag do' whilst continuing his investigation which leads him to gypsy girl Simza (Noomi Rapace) who is supposedly key to Moriarty's plan. 

We still have no idea what his plan is, just that he's evil and clever.

After a while later, Holmes and Watson travel to Paris to find Simza, then the three go to Germany and then to Switzerland in hope of stopping and revealing Moriarty's evil plan. 

It sounds like my plot summary is a bit of a mess but that is just what I was thinking watching it- stuck. lost. I didn't have much clue on what they were doing, just that they were doing it and followed it.

In between, there was a very humourous train scene full of action too which to me was perhaps the highlight of the film in terms of entertainment. 

I also really loved the way Guy Richie upped the cinematography from the previous film: the forest scene was spectacular and the consistency in style that this movie is shot is to be praised. 

Whilst the film did drag on before things started to become clear, once it got towards the end, it was made known what Moriarty was up to and the reveal at the end was as expected, very satisfying. It's just a shame it took a while to get there and was a bit obscure to begin with.

I also loved the ending in which it bookended the film nicely, ended with a lighthearted and humourous scene and with a very clever and quirky few seconds which beckons us to question if a third movie will be made. I'll say YES to that!

Robert Downey Jr- Sherlock Holmes
Jude Law- John Watson
Noomi Rapace- Simza
Rachel McAdams- Irene Adler
Jared Harris- Moriarty

Also stars Stephen Fry (unfortunately unclothed for one scene- gross) and Kelly Reill.

Robert Downey Jr does a great job resuming his role as Holmes; the humour is great and he definitely has more to deal with this time around in terms of acting and he stepped up to it. Noomi Rapace played the gypsy girl well but I didn't feel her role was that integral and she could've been a stronger character.

I am again sad to accept that Rachel McAdams' character Irene Adler is dead- I would never have thought they'd just kill her off like that. I knew she wouldn't be in this film much but 5 mins and never again? D: They better find a good female lead for the next one or somehow revive Irene. SERIOUSLY. In the short few minutes that she was in, she did look absolutely PERFECT. :3

I also liked that Moriarty had a brain that matched Sherlock's in a sense in that final fight scene where they're both mentally outwitting the other- that was VERY interesting.

Sherlock Holmes 2 managed to raise the bar in terms of cinematography, style and even action, but the plot was a bit fuzzy for most of the film and lacked the symbolic mystery the first one had that kept us at the edge of our seats. 

Nonetheless, this was a solid movie with great action sequences, super cast (McAdams will be dearly missed) and a great ending.

Whilst it does hint at a third film, nothing led on from this that would've suggested what it might be about, which is a shame as the last one did so well at keeping the suspense and the identity of Moriarty and his scheme.

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