Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol Film Review

I went to see Mission Impossible 4 today and having seen the previous three films at some point in my life, yet completely forgetting their plot and characters, I was going into this completely blank.

A mission involving the infiltration of the Kremlin results in the landmark being blown up to smithereens. With international relations being super sensitive, IMF shuts down, forcing agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his crew Benji (Simon Pegg), Jane (Paula Patton) and Brandt (Jeremy Renner) to go rogue in order to 'save the world' from nuclear war and clear their organisation's name.

It was somewhat unclear at the beginning what was going on, why Ethan Hunt was in jail (which he gets broken out of) in the opening scenes, but the plot of the fourth instalment of the MI series quickly goes underway. Without much back story apart from the loss of Ethan's wife being a central thread brought forward to 'ghost protocol'. 

Despite following a typical action storyline with scenes which lend themselves to Bond movies (the banquet in India in which Jane is required to seduce some playboy- that car-BMW i8- was divine) and Bourne movies, MI:Ghost Protocol offered some impriessive action sequences and comedic use of gadgets.

I was most impressed by the invisibility wall/cloak as well as the action sequence in the car factory. Those two scenes stood out to me as I was most focussed and on the edge of my seat. At times I found myself wondering what was going on and feeling somewhat bored.

This movie, like other action films of today, moved from place to place, featuring Russia, India, Dubai, Manhattan... did I miss any out? Beautifully shot, especially the Dubai hotel shots- stunning. That was another integral segment of the movie which perhaps raised the tension bar up high. 

Ghost Protocol climaxed several times and dragged on a bit- I felt it could've been much more concise and 'snappy'. The things the team kept doing didn't seem to accomplish much and the solution they definitely could've done without all the trouble they went through.

The ending was satisfying and the catharsis offered closure yet sparked the beginning and reboot of the MI series.

Tom Cruise- Ethan Hunt
Jeremy Renner- Brandt
Simon Pegg- Benji
Paula Patton- Jane
Michelle Monaghan- Julia

Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt. His age shows and definitely not as attractive to watch as he was five or even ten years ago. The film was great but I felt at times I just didn't care for him as a character very much. 

Simon Pegg was hilarious as techie Benji and Paula Patton held her own though at times was a bit annoying with her emotional distractions. 

Newcomer to the series Jeremy Renner fit right into the film and his 'backstory' gave his character presence and integrity- surely an asset to the team in any sequels.

Whilst I made no recollection of the contents of the previous Mission Impossible films, this latest release was still enjoyable and full of action, even if a bit long.

Ghost Protocol currently holds the highest rating of all four films on imdb. Perhaps this will respark the franchise and make some sort of impression on the action film genre world.

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