Saturday, 17 December 2011

'Late' by Roxanne Emery

Have been listening to this song by Roxanne Emery for a while now and just wanted to share it with you all. It has made the same impact as 'Cold Heart' did, which was the song that I first heard of hers. 

'Late' went viral on Youtube when it was released and topped the most popular /viewed that week and has received highly positive feedback. 

She is currently writing for an upcoming album following her EP 'An Introduction to Roxanne Emery' which is phenomenal and you just have to listen for yourself!

I can't wait for the new record! Check out her song 'Late':

Lyrics after the jump:

The eighties baby
You'll find her by the window waving
She's always on time
She always gets the questions right and,

The Nineties girl
With her saucer eyes
And her chocolate curls
But don't be fooled
She'll never love you cause' she's to damn cool

And,do you hear,hear the children scream
How do we learn,now that our teacher is gone?
Do you see,see that little girl
How do I learn,now that my role model's gone?

The noughties girl
You'll,you'll find her in the backrow laughing
She's never on time
But you know if she fails,
Then she's gonna cry

And the naughty girl,oh
She's set to learn
The black mark how does it feel
By your name it's like a scar that won't heal

Do you hear,hear the children scream
How do we learn,now that our teacher is gone.
Do you see,see that little girl,
How do I learn now that my role model's gone.

And,I know you,get the best holidays
You've been gone for so long, lets count the days
So stop this,cause' I've had enough
Come home,where I'm gonna love you so much

Do you hear,
Hear the closing bell
See the smoke oh
And whats that smell

Do you see,see that I don't cry
I can't feel without you,so how can I
So stop this cause' I've had enough
My last words to you were
'I'm gonna miss you so much'

And the one lesson,please don't cry
You never taught was how to say goodbye
Goodbye,Goodbye does it come in time
Goodbye,Goodbye hope it comes in time

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