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America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 (All Stars) Episode 13 FINALE Recap

The episode we've all been waiting for... the ANTM All Stars finale- who will win? Allison, Lisa, or Angelea? It is anyone's game at the moment as any of them could win for a reason, or an excuse Tyra gives them- Lisa: consistently strong; Allison: unique, biggest fan base, strongest throughout competition; Angelea: Tyra loves her.

But of course we know from the preview that one of the girls will be disqualified for something! 

So here goes... the first ten minutes is devoted to Tyra introducing the girls and the girls' background stories. Allison has a great story- her dad died a year ago and she really wants to win this competition this time; Lisa is just Lisa and doesn't need this; and Angelea is blah. 

Tyra Mail takes them to their Cover Girl commercial and shoot. Lisa does well at her Covergirl shoot but not very well on her commercial and Mr Jay said it was like she was selling a used car. Allison was great on her shoot but couldn't open her eyes for the commercial and as it was a close up, Mr Jay was not impressed! She managed to pull through and produced a stunning commercial! 

Angelea did well in her photoshoot and commercial according to Jay but I personally did NOT like it.

The girls' next task is to shoot their Vogue cover and Beauty in Vogue spread. Allison does PHENOM she looked so high fashion. The other two were rather blah... the photographer kept saying 'beautiful' which didn't help, but Lisa probably had the most direction.

And now the girls go to their finale runway show! They will be descended into water and then flying through the air before walking to the song they wrote- another ridiculous runway but sounds exciting!

Imagine Allison walking to 1,2,3,4 Underwater! especially after her underwater segment! Again, some girls are brought back to walk in the final runway: Shannon, Laura and Dominique. The girls also see the dresses they designed with Michael Cinco earlier this cycle. Allison's dress is the most phenomenal and exactly what she described it to be, whilst Lisa's and Angelea's were more developed by Michael himself. 

Lisa tries to impress by doing a spin underwater but loses her orientation and ends up by the edge and has to swim back (LOOOL) basically she mucked that part up. Her runway walk was really good though and the wind worked in her favour.

Angelea didn't do the swimming part well either and her flying element wasn't great but her walk was good. Allison did the swimming phenomenally and the flying was good but her walk was a bit off due to the wind and at one point it blew up her butt but she recovered well. YAY!


After the show, Angelea feels unwell. So all that the girls can do has been done. :W Panel is going to be INTENSE!!

At panel, Tyra announces that this is a 'SPECIAL' judging held in LA as one of the contestants has been disqualified, which we find out to be ANGELEA. They don't explain WHY she has been disqualified, but has called back the other girls to rehold the judging. :W I will DEFINITELY find out what happened. WATCH THIS SPACE. SO GLAD ANGELEA IS GONE.

Allison was praised for her swim but critiqued for her walk, whilst Lisa's swim was called a mess but was praised for her walk. Allison's commercial was good but Andre thought her expression could've been better, whilst all the judges loved Lisa's BUT Tyra said it felt 'safe' and was only '50% of Lisa' which is totally bull but anything to help Allison win is good.

Allison's Covergirl shot was called 'vacant' by several judges whilst Lisa's was loved even though one of her eyes was obscured. Is it just me or does Lisa's photo remind you of a little book Tyra recently published called MODELLAND. Fix?

At deliberation, the judges say nothing new- Allison has massive fan base, she can do Extra, she takes stunning photos, the only thing that is in her way is potentially her Covergirl ad. Now it isn't a bad ad, not as bad as Molly's from Cycle 16 so I don't think it would cost her the title.

So who wins America's Next Top Model? 

America's Next Top Model is... 


WHAT. I swear I watched it wrong, when she was uncovering her mask, as it was quite faded, I was sure Allison's would pop through but no... How can Tyra do this again? Allison is THE ALL STAR, has the biggest fans and has done the best this cycle.

This is utter crap. We have to endure Lisa in a Vogue Italia cover, shoot and spread (I WILL NOT BE BLOGGING ABOUT THAT NOR POLLUTING MY BLOG WITH THOSE PICTURES). And also why was Franca not at final panel? She really should pull out of ANTM with Lisa as the cover- she would've loved Allison but Lisa? URGH!

I love how this cycle was all about the 'fans' yet they pick a winner with less fans. There is nothing that Lisa can do/has done that tops Allison apart from being rude, obnoxious and crass (remember her PEEING IN A DIAPER?) so perhaps she has changed a bit from cycle 5- it's called wrinkles... NOT for the better.  

Allison has been robbed once again and I'm disgusted at the decision made. No words... will be in mourning once again like cycle 12. Allison looked stunning at judging, much like her bird shoot at cycle 12.

Check out Allison's 'Underwater' Remix:

UPDATE: Apparently Angelea was the real winner the first time they filmed the finale but leaked the final three before the show aired and consequently had to surrender her prize. Bahaha. At least she didn't win. Lisa > Angelea. But seriously, come on. ALLISON > LISA! HELLO?

Another rumour is that Angelea had an affair with someone from the ANTM production team since cycle 14 which makes her ineligible to participate.  


  1. What I don't get: Allison was originally the runner up. How do I know? See the picture I posted to Angelea's real FB page.

    This is from the Chicago Tribune’s Wednesday edition, the day the final aired. Note that Lisa isn’t even in the photo!!! She was not in the final two. Now, think about this: If Allison had won there would have been no reason to re-tape. Even if Lisa HAD won before final judging they wouldn’t have had to re-tape. Whether you are a fan of Angelea or not, the only reason to re-tape is because they stripped the tittle from Angelia.

    BUT: why would they not have given the title to Allison, as she was the runner-up? What the heck? Her pictures blow Lisa's away. I don't want to diss Lisa, but if you are the runner-up in ANY contest and the winner is disqualified, you get the title. No WONDER Lisa was surprised! She thought she was being brought in to help out ANTM and fill out the re-cut final. Allison took it with grace. Good for her, she has a future in the business because she photos so well and DOES act with grace.

    If Tyra wants this show to NOT jump the shark, she needs to be honest with those of us who made this show a destination. Otherwise, I don’t care WHO’s on it, I won’t watch it again because ANTM insulted my intelligence.

  2. Allison will do well whatever happens, not to worry


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