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America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 (All Stars) Episode 12 Recap

In tonight's episode, the girls will be creating Tyra's first fashion film based on her book 'Modelland'. LOOOL My friend and I were talking about when Tyra would start infusing Modelland into the show, and here it is! :W 

But first the girls talk about Dominique's elimination. Whilst Angelea thinks her staying shows she's persistence (no, it shows how much Tyra likes you), Lisa thinks her outburst last episode is a first for many more to come. 

The girls are asked to write about Crete fashion before they meet Vogue Italia editor in chief Franca Sozzani as writing for will be part of the prize package. They need to pick an outfit from the store they're in, drive to an exotic location, take photos of the site and of themself and then write their 'blog post'. The winner will receive a week long holiday back to Crete.

Laura is last to leave the clothes store and finds Allison at her site, and also worries about writing given her dyslexia. Angelea chooses a ghetto area for her location whilst Lisa chooses the fun places like clubs. Allison decides on an abandoned house as her location but is last to arrive back at the house and is nervous about finishing it.

Nigel sends Franca the blogs and will announce who wins later on.

So now the girls will be doing their motion editiorial based on Modelland. So readable how Tyra spends like 5 minutes talking about Modelland and how Jay butts in and says it's a 'best selling novel' and that it's 'New York Times best selling novel'. Great plug guys. = =

I don't really understand how it's going to work. Apparently it will be filmed in two days and shown over two week's judgings? Hmm maybe it'll be clarified later...

So anyway, there will be some sort of race where the girls will be running towards Modelland... :/ and each girl will have their own individual scenes as well. Michael Cinco has designed the gowns for the editorial and they look stunning!!

Lisa did well in her scene playing Tookie's deranged mother, Laura struggled in her trash rummage and I didn't think she looked great with the whipped cream; Allison struggled with the scenes in broad daylight but rocked the cat outfit and her blood orange scene and the scene with blood; and Angelea was told she did well by Tyra in her short scene of crying. A wrap on the first day's shoot!

So Nigel calls Franca and they talk about the girls blogs- Allison's was too brief, Laura's was OK, Franca liked Lisa's but thought she should write more comparing the two cultures and she seems to like Angelea's blog the most (boo!). Hopefully Angelea doesn't win... :W 

Nigel comes into the house and talks to the girls about it. I love how after Nigel gave them feedback, they showed a short snippet of reaction, and Allison's was hilarious- the slouch and the 'ohhh'... And Nigel announces that Angelea wins. Urgh. She needs to go home not win challenges!

So day 2 of the shoot... and to join the girls is Tyson Beckford. When asked about him, the girls talk about his [muscles] whilst Allison laughs hysterically- I NEED THAT GIF! 

Anyway, Tyra has parts in the editorial too and I thought she looked stunning, may have over-acted a bit, but looked great. 

Quote of the episode- 
Laura: "300. Women Style" <3

So the girls shoot the opening sequence of the movie AS WELL as the moment they announce that America's Next Top Model is THEM, which is really exciting as this will be shown in the finale episode (which explains what was talked about before, how the film will be shown in both eps). I think this will be really interesting as the film will lead on to announce the winner and it's almost like HER film. 

Allison's 'reveal' looked the most impactual :3 

So PANEL... AHHH this is so nerveracking... Tyson Beckford guest judges.

The motion editorial looked really good- I loved the effects and the music- a bit reminiscent of Gareth Pugh style reflections/symmetry except not black and dark and gothic. Allison looked stunning in all her shots.

Check it Out below!

Angelea was praised for her emotional scene but her running scene was found to be comedic. Laura was praised for her emotion but critiqued for looking at camera too much and being too sexy. Allison was praised by Nigel but critiqued by Tyson about her eye struggle and the fact she was quiet.

Tyson got quite a bit of hate on Twitter after the episode aired as he wasn't on #TeamAllison at judging. Has he seen this pic of Allison? Him spending a day with her he cannot possibly understand her personality and if he based it purely on modelling talent and potential, he wouldn't be blinded by how much the girls 'swooned over him as his criteria for elimination' (masking it as how appealing it is to work with the girls).

Tyra says she needs to work on a way to fix that as she 'decreases 50% of her strength'. Lisa is praised for her focus but is reminded to remember her 'model'.

Only one girl will be eliminated this episode.

At deliberation, it goes a bit mental as they say good and bad things about all the girls. For the first time I think ever, apart from one episode in cycle 5 about the granola bar, they show backstage footage of the girls waiting. 

1.5 hours later, the judges are still deciding. Nigel is definitely for ALLISON whilst Andre is for LAURA (or at least from editing it's what it seems like) and again, for the first time, they show production footage of 'Ken Mok (ANTM creator) telling them they need to make a decision.

OMG this is soooo intense. ANY of these girls could go home. Personally, I think Angelea should go home for a lack of consistency and being a 'time bomb', but I have a feeling Laura might go... I really don't know though!! 

So... in the end, the first girl called is... 


Lisa. Urghh what... followed by Angelea. OMG... Allison and Laura in bottom two.. they surely CAN'T eliminate Allison now. She has the best call out average of ALL of the girls, and takes the most stunning photos. The only reason she'd get eliminated is so Angelea can win- and it would be blatantly fixed. Anyway... I am sooo nervous right now. First bottom two for Allison. :W 

Tyra tells Laura she has a bubbly personality but is questioned if she can do high fashion whilst Allison is introverted but quirky... so who goes?? ... *drumroll*. LAURA... YESSSS Allison stays!! Wooo!! The most nerveracking elimination EVER- I like both girls and really don't think Angelea should be there. Urgh... so finale is NEXT WEEK- Arghh so excited.

I guess they will be doing Covergirl and a potential Vogue Italia/Beauty in Vogue Shoot. Can't wait! #TEAMALLISON!

Here's a bonus of Allison- can't wait for her to rock next ep!

UPDATE: The girls will be shooting underwater next week as well as some sort of flying finale runway madness... and from the small images also Covergirl. 'The Network learned information which disqualifies one of the girls...' who will it be? and what they do? OMG. Sooo exciting!


  1. Allison needs to win already. I cannot believe Angelea is still there and Lisa is annoying me now. Team Allison!

  2. Definitely CANNOT stand Angelea. This thursday's episode shall be very interesting! cant wait!


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